Homeland Season 7(Hotstar) Review

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Homeland – the hit American espionage thriller is back with its 7th & penultimate season. Is it as gripping as the previous seasons? Read our review to find out.

Cast: Claire Danes, Mandy Patinkin, Linus Roache, Jake Weber, Elizabeth Marvel, Morgan Spector
Original Network: Showtime
OTT Platform: Hotstar
Genre: Thriller, Drama
No. of episodes: 12
Duration: 50 mins

The 7th season off a few months post the shocking events at the end of season 6, where there was an attempt at the life of President Elizabeth Keane(Marvel). Carrie(Claire Danes) has since left her job & has been living with her sister Maggie(Amy Hargreaves). President Keane has since grown paranoid about her security & is hell bent on punishing the people behind the assassination attempt. She has ordered the imprisonment of 200 people from the intelligence community who are suspected to be behind the attack including Saul Berenson – Carrie’s mentor. One of the people she wants arrested is fear monger Brett O’ Keefe(Jake Weber).

Brett o’ Keefe(Jake Weber) is the most exciting character in the 7th season of the hit show
Brett evades arrest & has been hiding at the home of a red neck family. A sequence of events & White House Chief Of Staff David Wellington’s insistence, Saul is released & is made the new National Security Advisor. Saul manages to track Brett & tries to convince him to surrender himself. This leads to disastrous consequences. Will Elizabeth Keane manage to get over her paranoia? Will she manage to complete her term? Will the war between the red necks & security establishment escalate? This are the questions the rest of the season tries to answer.

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Claire Danes as Carrie is good. She does have a new love interest this season. She does manage the romantic scenes with equal aplomb. She along with Mandy Patinkin(Saul) effortlessly portray their characters. Out of the new additions Linus Roache is good. But the show stealer is Jake Weber as Brett O’ Keefe. His is the most exciting character this season. Elizabeth Marvel as the president is decent, but we were expecting more from this acting veteran.

The problem with the show is the stale writing style. The script looks all to familiar for fans of the show. That explains why the show’s ratings are not as high as the first few seasons. The show is not the edge of the seat thriller that it used to be. With the amount of competition in the thriller-drama genre, the makers will have to pull up their socks to made the final season memorable next year.

We would recommend fans of the show to give it a watch. Do not watch it with sky high expectations. Some of the episodes do indeed have the magic which made the show a hit.

Our Rating: (3.5 / 5)


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