How to Safely Discover the Miracles of The Indian Ocean Underwater World

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To dive or not to dive in the Indian Ocean?

Any amateur or pro scuba diver focuses on the discovery of new underwater species and objects such as relics or treasures while enjoying that amazing adrenaline rush of the unknown. However, sometimes the ocean waters give you a gift and other times it doesn’t. If you’re looking for an amazing, but also rather dangerous place to dive, the Indian Ocean is the place to visit.

Why the Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean comprises of luxurious islands with magical palm trees and exquisitely crystal-clear waters. The most famous place is the Maldives which includes around 1,000 coral islands as well as fascinating beaches. The topography of the underwater world of the Indian Ocean includes large ranges of volcanic mountains and soft corals covering the graphite boulders.

Which Are the Best Places for Diving

Because the British Indian Ocean Territory has prohibited scuba diving for a very long time, a lot remains unknown about its underwater environment. Rumours about aircraft and ship relics have been around since forever, yet they’ve never been confirmed. The depth of sites around Diego Garcia reach about 100 feet at most and allow for shore and boat dives.

The Keeling Islands’ crystal clear and warm waters await the most passionate divers to visit. It’s an unknown destination to most but you’ll enjoy amazing and thrilling dives.

The Maldives and Seychelles islands are the pearls of the Indian Ocean. However, as luxurious as they may be, their waters are roamed by dangerous ray fish and sharks. If you’re into scuba diving to challenge your fears, these waters are for you.

Safety measures

Most people get hurt and face danger when they’re diving because of human error and improper training. If you follow the safety and basic rules of scuba diving, you’ll enjoy the time of your life.

The primary rule is that you shouldn’t hold your breath because the air in your lungs expands when you ascend and contracts when you descent. If you’re breathing continuously, the extra air can escape your lungs and you avoid serious damage to your body such as pulmonary barotrauma. Next, you should practice your ascents and only reach for the surface of the water in a slow and safe manner to avoid decompression sickness.

Make sure that you’re geared up properly for scuba and that you know exactly how to use every piece of equipment to avoid any accidents. Make a check list to include all items such as the required under-suit & apparel accessories, cylinders, mask, snorkel, dive computer, weights, regulators, torches, and knives.

Depending on the location you choose, check the regional safety limitations and stick to them. Keep your body fit and take the local training classes for scuba certification if you’re not a pro.

Alternative to Scuba Diving for the Same Thrill

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Wrapping It Up

With the option of choosing between the luxurious waters of the Indian Ocean but risking injuries due to even the slightest mistakes and a safe and entertaining diving experience offered by Sea Hunters, it’s up to you to make your pick.

Stay safe and earn some extra cash with Sea Hunters. You deserve it!


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