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IT Movie Review

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IT is based on Stephen King’s book of the same name. Having been warned of the side effects of reading a Stephen King novel, I have never had the b@ls to read any of his novels, as novels give the author enough space to take you to his fantasy land & make your thoughts run wild. We went to the movie with school kid like excitement to watch the movie.

IT is set in the town of Derry, Maine. It starts off with the disappearance of Georgie, due to him trusting IT. Several other characters are introduced as the story moves forward. The 80’s look & the screenplay will remind you of the hit Netflix show ‘Stranger Things’. The makers of the movie have cast Stranger Things star – Finn Wolfhard in the movie. His role in the movie is in sharp contrast to his role in Stranger Things. The central characters are part of the “Losers Club’.The story then delves around the kids to get & especially Billy’s resolve to get his brother back.
You will walk into the movie expecting to get spooked, but will roll with laughter thanks to the funny one liners. Richie played by Finn Wolfhard has the best punch liners. This kid is a complete natural in front of the camera. The funny lines are placed right in & around tense situation, which will make you break into peals of laughter right after tense situations. The director Andy Muschietti manages to extract fine performances from his cast. Jaeden Liberher & Sophia Lillis are the central characters & do their job well.The film is a trip down memory lane. It will remind you of your school adventures with your friends, the jokes, the bullying by the older kids & your first love. All the supporting characters are well portrayed by the kids. The movie even touches upon the topic of racism. Bill Skarsgard as IT looks menacing & will give a lot of people sleepless nights. He is brilliant in the first half. The acting & makeup is excellent. If you fear clowns, watching this movie will make you fear them more.

Now for the bad part. Although the movie has a brilliant screenplay, the scenes aren’t spooky enough. With James Wan & team upping the ante of horror movie genre with their Conjuring, Insidious & Annabelle series, audience expectations from horror movie genre has hit the roof. While the good acting, screenplay & background score will make you like the movie, you won’t ‘love’ it. IT appears way too many times & loses novelty towards the end. What is the most weird part is parents allowing their kids to roam around, when they are aware of several kids & even some adults disappearing regularly! I hope the makers better their offering in the sequel.
Is it worth watching in a theatre? Yes. Is it the best horror movie ever? No. Definitely not. Will I sleep peacefully tonite? Yeah Totally!

Our Rating: ***/5


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