Kaaley Short Film Review

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Kaaley is short film based on the aftermath of demonetisation announced by PM Modi in November 2016. Is it worth your time? Read our review to find out!

Cast: Atul Rastogi, Sunjit Akkinepally, Avinash Agarwal, Krishna Shukla
Director: Hamza Ali
Written By: Hamza Ali
Cinematography: Rushi K
Music: Pothakanuri Kiran
Producers: Jagadeesh Vasireddy, Balu Darpaneni
Executive Producer & Associate Director: Komal Agarwal,
Duration: 35 mins
Genre: Crime, Drama


The movie starts off post the demonetisation announcement. Gopal(Avinash Agarwal) – a wealthy businessman hires a corrupt cop – Inspector Suhas(Sunjit Akkinepally) to recover his cash from Arjun(Atul Rastogi).

Kaaley Review
The movie starts off with Gopal a wealthy businessman & a cop on his payroll chasing his lost cash post demonetisation. He has a few hours to retrieve the stolen cash & legitimize his black money.
Arjun had stashed two bags of cash at Sattu Bai’s(Vrishali Jagirdar) house. But she has no intention whatsoever to live off the “haram ka paisa”. She nonchalantly dumps the cash – which we are told is 40 crores. Elsewhere a couple – Mrs & Mrs Sathe(Krishna Shukla) is trying to hide the money along with the wife’s brother & his new found friend. But the husband suspects the brother-in-law of shady intent.We are told that Gopal – the wealthy businessman will go bankrupt if the cash is not found. His wife is accompanying him & she doesn’t look pleased with how things are shaping up. Will Gopal & Inspector Suhas be able to recover the cash? Or Will Sathe be able to run away with the money? Or will it in fact be Sathe’s brother-in-law who run away with all the cash in the end? The answers to these questions forms the rest of the story.


The short film boasts of no big names & we did not expect much from the film. Boy were we pleasantly surprised! The cast which comprises of talent from Hyderabad manages to hold your attention throughout. The casting is perfect. Not for a second did we feel that it was a shoddily created film. Director, writer – Hamza Ali has managed to create a taut crime film. The film has a Guy Ritchiesque touch to it, but offers a fresh premise. There are several twists & turns to keep the viewer engaged. Destiny plays musical chairs with the characters, which does wonders in entertaining the viewer.

Of all the characters, Atul Rastogi who plays Arjun & Avinash Agarwal as the snobbish, entitled, egoistic businessman – Gopal, manage to stand out. Atul delivers his lines with panache towards the end of the film. Avinash on the other hand makes you hate him thanks to his convincing portrayal as a stereotypical greedy & condescending businessman.


Although there are no flaws in the film to speak of, we were left scratching our heads as some questions do remain unanswered. Why does Gopal tell his wife “I own you”? What is the story behind it? Does the Inspector manage to get away? But these are issues which probably every short film faces.


In a world where the viewer is spoilt for choice , Kaaley managed to impress us thanks to its strong script & subtlely showcasing the ill effects of greed without getting preachy. Do give it a watch!

Our Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

You can view the short film by clicking on the video below


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