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Manhunt Unabomber(Netflix) Review

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Manhunt Unabomber is a drama based around the Unabomber bombings in America in the 90’s. It stars Sam Worthington as a FBI profiler & Paul Bettany as the eponymous Unabomber. Read our review to find out if these two do justice to their roles & whether the show is worth a watch.

The series starts of with the main protagonist being called by his boss to return to active duty & a letter bomb exploding in the office of a victim. We are told that the Unabomber has been caught & the FBI wants him to plead guilty. They want to avoid going to trial as it may result in the Unabomber walking free & the FBI losing face. The story oscillates between the past & the present. We are told about how the Unabomber killed several victims by using deploying letter bombs to random people. Meanwhile Fitz(Sam Worthington) is chosen as an FBI profiler. His zeal & thinking both alarms, impresses his bosses. How he manages to nab the Unabomber(Paul Bettany), how the distance & long working hours ruins his family life, whether he manages to convince Ted Kacyzinski a.k.a the Unabomber to plead guilty before going to trial is what the show is all about.

Netflix rarely disappoints & this show is no exception. Every episode is a masterclass in acting, writing & screenplay. There is barely any scene where we felt our mind wander. Paul Bettany doesn’t have much screen time initially, but is brilliant in his role. Sam Worthington enacts his roles with utmost sincerity. He is very believable in role as the rookie FBI profiler. Chris Noth is decent. The production quality is excellent. With the allure of it being a true story, noted Hollywood stars being part of the cast & a beautiful script we could find no faults whatsoever.

It is definitely a show which is worth your time. This show will definitely make you think that the money spent on your Netflix subscription is worth the money.

Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


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