Mindhunter Review

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While there have been many shows about the FBI or shows based on murder mysteries, there have been very few which deal with the psyche of serial killers. Most crime shows will make you believe that all murderers have an ulterior motive to kill their victims. Mindhunter is about murderers killing strangers, for no reason whatsoever! It will remind you of the TV adaptation of Hannibal
Set in 1977 America at a time when crime rate has gone up drastically & the murderer may be not someone known to you, but a complete stranger. The show revolves around FBI investigator – Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) & his associate Bill Tench (Holt McCallany). They travel across the US, educating FBI investigators about the psychology & criminal profiling of serial killers. They interview notorious murders & rapists in order to understand their psyche, which helps them in solving existing cases. The show smartly mixes fact & fiction. It has a fictional account of several murderers being interviewed by Holden & Bill.

The show doesn’t boast of a widely recognizable star cast, but the script more than makes up for it. I can’t recollect any other show which has broached these topics in the way that this show has. While there have been several documentaries on criminal psychology, no other TV show will capture your imagination like this show does. While some episodes are almost an hour long & the going does get slow at times, the momentum does pick up & does leave the viewer thirsting for more. David Fincher – the award winning director of psychological thrillers like Seven, The Game, Gone Girl is at home territory, which explains the reason why the show is so good. Jonathan Groff does a good job as the show’s protagonist. But the best scenes are the ones involving the serial killers & the way they narrate their gruesome acts without any remorse whatsoever. Cameron Britton is perfectly cast as Edmund Kemper. He does a fine job of portraying the gentle giant, who in fact is not even close to being gentle!
The show will find favor among lovers of the crime genre. The 10 episode long first season will be talked about for quite sometime to come & is likely to develop a cult following. It is another masterpiece in Netflix’s library!

Our Rating: ****/5


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