Nairobi from Money Heist As A South Indian Girl!! Speaks Telugu

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Alba Flores as Nairobi in Money Heist stole the show and gained a lot of popularity in recent times. But recently one more thing came into light and Indian audience are absolutely loving it.

Nairobi is a lead character in Money Heist played by the Spanish actress, Alba Flores. She gained a lot of popularity through the show. In the past Alba Flores worked in a television show called Vincente Ferrer. She acted as a south Indian woman. She also spoke Telugu very well in the show.

Alba in The Show

The show Vincente Ferrer was based on a man who tries to help poor people fight poverty in India. This was shot in Andhra Pradesh at Anantapur. In the show, the man helps the people in converting the barren lands to farms and make a living out of it.

Alba can be seen as a girl from south India, who helps to translate Spanish to Telugu, the local language. She wears a saree and a bindi. Her look and outfit totally reflect the culture of the locality. she looks no different from any other south Indian woman.

All the south Indian Money Heist fans are elated seeing her in as a south Indian girl and couldn’t stop showering their love towards her. A video was out from the TV show of her speaking in Telugu. Fans loved how fluent she was and how versatile she is.

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