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Narcos S03 Review

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After the impact the first two seasons of the iconic show had on us, we had huge expectations from the third season of Narcos. We were eager to know how the shrewd Dons of Cali cartel would tackle the DEA & the Colombian army or police. In the previous season we got a glimpse into the lives of Cali Cartel bosses & it was abundantly clear that they were not as rash & hot headed as Pablo Escobar, They worked like a well oiled machine & were unlikely to make moves which would turn public opinion against them.

Pedro Pascal stars as agent Pena, who is unable to revel in the death of Colombia’s biggest drug lord Pablo Escobar. Although the world thinks of him as a hero, he knows that they couldn’t achieve what they wanted to. As is the case with CIA & USA operatives in any country, they use the second biggest threat to help finish the biggest threat & post achieving that goal turn their guns on the second biggest threat, with disastrous consequences every time. Remember Osama Bin Laden anyone?
The show starts off with the Cali Cartel realizing that they are next on the hit list of all the law enforcement deals in our country. They devise a master plan to keep their money & start life afresh living off theor legitimate businesses for a small price.

The makers need to be commended for the research they have put into making this show. Like the previous seasons this season too has its share of original footage of the drug lords & major happenings of that era. Damian Alcazar is convincing as Gilberto Rodriguez as the head of the Cali Cartel. Pepe Rapazote as Don Londono is a scene stealer. All scene involving him are very slick & well shot. It was really difficult for us to spot any flaws in this season. Thus show keeps you glued to your seats till the end.

Our Rating *****/5


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