OI Original: The Flamboyant Star Kid

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This star kid who was quite popular in the late 90’s & 2000’s, is now settled in Dubai. He lived a flamboyant lifestyle & was quite the player.

Young bollywood fans may or may not have heard much about this star kid who vanished suddenly & has been inactive since 2010. But 30+ yr old bollywood fans, must be aware of this good looking star kid who was quite popular in the 2000’s. His father was himself a good looking man, who divorced his mother to lead his life on his terms. His father loved his booze & women. His son, too turned out to be a chip off the old block. The actor in question debuted in his father’s production. He was then lapped up by a director who was known to have a film “factory” of sorts. It was rumored that the actor’s father was the behind the real financier of his movies produced by the “factory”.

Our sources inform us that the father & son took turns to “select” the heroine for their home productions starring the actor. A source told us that it is rumored that the father was seen getting into a hotel room in Juhu with an actress. The weird part is that after spending a few hours with the actor-filmmaker-producer father, the actress checked into the same hotel with the actor a few hours later! As expected, she was announced as their choice as their film’s leading lady a few hours later.

Another source who used to work at Rock Bottom – a Juhu nightclub, told us that the actor was the quintessential rich kid. He used to hand over come to the nightclub with his entourage, which always had beautiful women. He used to hand over his credit card as soon as he entered & ask the waiters to keep the booze flowing. As is the practice, one needs to swipe their cards every time they place an order at a nightclub. But this actor was more than happy to let the bartender keep swiping on his behalf for every order placed by him & his guests. Being a A-list celeb entitles you to the VIP section/lounge at any of the clubs. It was a common sight in the 2000’s to see this actor partying at Rock Bottom’s VIP lounge(white sofa). He used to run up bills running up to several thousands every time & not even bother to check the bill amount before signing. Our source told us that they weren’t one bit shocked when the actor was caught with cocaine.

Another source, who was a waiting tables at a swimsuit calendar party told us that he has made good money off this actor. This actor was apparently very loose with money. The actor summoned our source & asked him for some cigarettes. Our source informed him that the hotel doesn’t have any & he will have to procure it from outside. The actor asked our source how much money would he have to pay for that, to which our source coolly asked for INR 500. This happened in the early 2000’s & the cigarette brand in question was an Indian one. Anybody who used to smoke back then will tell you that a packet of Indian cigarettes wouldn’t cost more than INR 100 back then! The actor handed over two INR 500 notes to our source, so that the actor or his friends don’t fall short of cigarettes that evening.

Our source further informed us that at that very party, this actor walked up to an actress from behind. The actress was seated & was speaking to another celeb. The actor calmly put his hand inside her gown & started groping her. She calmly smiled at him & he gave her a peck! The actress in question has never acted in a movie along the actor. We wonder when they got the time to get so comfortable around each other. It was not like they were dating. He in fact was in a relationship with a girl based out of Delhi. That is bollywood for you. It is all quite open behind closed door parties. The A-list male celebs can get away with anything literally.

The actor hooked up with a lot of women despite being in relationships. One of his conquests is rumored to be a top actress. The top actress was in love with his brother-in-law. The actor was happy to wean her off him. They were hooking up till the time she started dating another actor.

Can you guess the celeb we are talking about? Did you like this original blind item? Please do drop a comment.


3 thoughts on “OI Original: The Flamboyant Star Kid

  • January 21, 2020 at 12:42 am

    Fardeen Khan. I am so disappointed in these kind of people. No offense but people in Bollywood are hypocrites to the highest degree possible.

    Who was the harassed actress in the gown? Feel free to answer.

  • January 21, 2020 at 2:59 am

    fardeen khan and the leading lady they chose celina jaitley

  • January 21, 2020 at 4:14 am

    Son – Fardeen Khan
    Father – Foroz khan
    ACtress who did hanky panky with both of them?????
    Actress in gown ?????


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