OI Original – This A-lister Created A Scene Outside His House

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This superstar created a scene outside his home due to jealousy over his wife’s male friend

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A source informed us that their friend stays in the vicinity of this young A-lister who recently starred in a huge hit. As of today, it is the biggest hit of the year. As per this source, the A-lister came home one day to find his wife with a male friend. The identity of this male friend is unknown. It is not clear whether he caught them in a compromising position. But he lost his cool & assaulted the wife’s male friend. He then yelled at his security guards for letting a man in, when his wife was alone. The source is of the opinion that his wife is already pregnant with their third child!

His behavior is not too shocking considering that he is known to very insecure & dominating. While he has been caught cheating on his wife several times, just the fact that his wife was alone with a man made him go bonkers!

Can you guess the celebs we are talking about?


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