Pari Review

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Anushka Sharma starrer Pari is the latest horror movie to hit the screen. The actor managed to create a buzz via the screamers which Does it manage to spook the audiences or is it a drag? Does Anushka Sharma’s acting live up to your expectations? Read our review to find out.

Pari starts off with Arnab(Parmabrata Chatterjee) meeting a woman through an arranged marriage setup. Arnab is an introvert, but the girl – Piyali, manages to break the ice. They both agree to the match. While Arnab’s family is on their way back home from the meeting, they accidentally run over a women. The woman dies on the spot. The woman had a daughter – Rukshana(Anushka Sharma), who stayed with her. They live in the wilderness with barely any exposure to electricity & hence technology. Post her mother’s death, a few men are chasing Rukshana & she goes to Arnab’s house to save herself. Arnab intends to leave her at a women’s ashram, but as expected is unable to do so. Arnab is now caught juggling his prospective wife & Rukshana – both have secrets of their own.

Is Rukshana as evil as the women chasing her, make her out to be? Does Arnab get married to Piyali? Does he live to tell the tale? Do the men chasing Rukshana manage to kill her?

Pari is an outright Anushka Sharma vehicle. She is there is almost every other frame. She is convincing in her role of a woman with spooky traits. Parambrata who became a household name across India, post Kahaani is good. Rajat Kapoor is menacing as the islamic ghostbuster. The movie captures the beauty of Kolkata’s parks & its streets well. It will make you want to visit Kolkata. While we have been exposed to stories dealing with Christian & Hindu ghosts, it is the first time we are told a story with a muslim backdrop. This does add a certain degree of novelty.

Anushka Sharma & Parambrata Chatterjee are the saving grace of the movie

The movie is let down by the weak script & sub standard direction. Director Pari is director Prosit Roy’s debut & his lack of experience is clearly visible. The first half is a complete drag. The story barely moves forward. The second half is better, but by then the damage is already done. The editing & screenplay is poor. There are barely any scenes which manage to spook you. The thrills are not thrilling enough.

Unlike some men, who stop viewing movies of married actresses, we had no such inhibitions. It is because of the movie’s strengths or rather of lack it, that it will flop.
As our readers must have noticed, we are pretty lenient with our ratings. But this movie was a complete letdown. We suggest you wait for this movie to release on an OTT platform. Do not waste money on movie tickets.

Our rating: (2 / 5)

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