Red Oaks S03 (Amazon Prime Video) Review

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Red Oaks – Amazon Prime’s hit dramedy is back with a third season & we sure were thrilled to view it.
The moment we were done with the first episode of the first season of the American show set in the 70’s, we were bowled over. Every episode in the series is barely 22 mins long. While the first season dealt with the lead character – David Myers’s (Craig Roberts) stint as a tennis coach for a summer in Red Oaks club. The second season spoke about the subsequent summer at the club. The season ended with David breaking up with his gf Skye & Skye’s father losing his court battle.

The third season does not see David back to teaching tennis at the club. David is working in the city for ad film company. There is a new woman in David’s life in the third season. His parents have moved on & are both seen to be exploring romantic opportunities with others. David’s mother – Judy Myers (Jennifer Grey) is doing well as a real estate broker, whereas his father – Sam Myers (Richard Kind) has found a way to monetize his love for food. Sam has finally found love in a woman. Doug Getty (Paul Reiser) is in a minimum security prison for the rich. His daughter Skye (Alexandra Socha) does make an appearance in this season as well.

Doug Getty - Red Oaks
Doug Getty(Paul Reiser) has the best lines in the show.
A lot of time is devoted to Wheeler’s (Oliver cooper) & Misty’s (Alexandra Turshen) relationship. Nash(Ennis Esmer) – easily the most popular character on the show, has quite a few ups & down in the third season. He is not quite himself. He is not seen making sexist comments or flirt with women in this season.
With a run time of barely 22 mins, you end up wanting more. Every episode is entertaining & easy on your senses. Every character is well defined. Everybody in the cast does a good job. With Nash & wheeler becoming subdued versions of themselves, Doug has the best lines this season.
The ending does leave a lot to be desired. Despite the makers having made it clear that they won’t be returning for a fourth season, there are several loose ends at the end of the show. Fans of the show will not get the closure they will have hoped for.
For those who are yet to see a single episode of this series, we highly recommend this series. And for those who have been following the series, do watch the show & bid goodbye to your favorite characters. We believe there was scope to extend the show by at least two seasons more!

Our Rating: *****/5 stars


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