Stranger Things 2 Review

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When the first season has garnered rave reviews & has developed a cult following, expectations from the second season of Netflix’s hit Show is obviously very high. The Duffer brothers had tough job at hand & had to present a bigger & better second season in order to satiate their show’s huge fan base’s thirst for quality entertainment.
But the Duffer brothers luckily do not disappoint. Netflix has perfected the art of producing quality drama shows & then churn out several seasons of their hit shows. The second season starts off on a high & answers a lot of questions unanswered in the first season. The script is excellent. The show manages to keep you involved & intrigued throughout. Finn Wolfhard (Mike), who probably shot for IT simultaneously, must be given credit for portraying two characters who are polar opposites of each other. Such maturity in acting at such a young age is commendable. Series regulars Winona Ryder(Joyce Byers) & David Harbour (Jim Hopper) continue to perform to our expectations. A few new faces are introduced & we are even told that a much loved character will be a part of the second season as well. The second season delves deeper into Natalie Dyer(Nancy Wheeler)-Charlie Heaton(Jonathan Byers) & Joe Keery(Steve Harrington) as well.

The demons are bigger, scarier & more powerful than the first season. The camaraderie between the four friends will make you miss your childhood friends & bring back some pleasant memories from school. Gaten Matarazzo(Dustin) is endearing. Noah Scnapp(Will Byers) who did not have much of a role in the first season has a prominent role in the second season & gives a fine performance. Caleb Mclaughlin(Lucas Sinclair) does a good job of supporting the cast, although he doesnt have much of a role himself. He is probably cast for adding some “color” (pun intended) to the show. The makers have even added a dialogue on these lines.
On the whole, the second season will remind you why you feel in love with the first season. The Duffer brothers have to be thanked for not letting us down. Netflix has been kind to add a recap before the first episode starts. The last two episodes are out of this world! We are having withdrawal symptoms already & cant wait for the third season!

Our Rating: *****/5 stars


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