Blind Item – Directors Known For Their Casting Couch – 14th June Casting Couch is rampant in Bollywood despite what celebs would want you to believe. We often wonder about how even the most outspoken ladies of Bollywood don’t speak up against it. We list out the most notorious directors who indulge in the famed casting couch. Read more

Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Me-Too – 7th June This actress who recently starred in a horror film, might be made to go through the casting couch by this director. But she ain’t crying Me-Too. Can you guess the celebs Mumbai Mirror is talking about? Read more

Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – Casting Couch – 26th Jan

Viagra where can i buy in Inglewood California These two casting directors are infamous for their casting couch antics. Their assistants have some gruesome tales to narrate. Can you guess the casting directors Rajeev Masand is talking about?

here Read more

Blind Item – Pinkvilla -13th Sept Pinkvilla published this blind item about this superstar who is known for his womanizing ways. What amazes us is how

Read more
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