Blind Item – 17th July

This blind item is from Rajeev Masand. It is about this global A-lister, who started off in Bollywood. A TV show & a franchisee movie about beach bods has made her a household name in the US. We wonder if she is still dating the superstar back home

Blind Item
By the time you’re reading this, a popular Bollywood awards event will already be well underway in the Big Apple. Dozens of film stars, filmmakers, plus-ones, and hangers-on have left for the city that never sleeps to participate in a celebratory weekend packed with self-patting exercises and activities.

The organisers have roped in a handful of A-listers, but were reportedly unable to snag this top female star who has emerged as something of a global celebrity lately. The actress had been approached to co-host the show with Bollywood’s savviest film director, and negotiations were going well. But, according to sources close to both parties, things hit a snag when they couldn’t agree on a fee. The organisers did not want to fork out the sum her agents had quoted, or even a number nearabouts that figure. The actress’ management was happy to negotiate a fee that worked for both sides, but refused to be bullied. The haggling apparently continued. Then she signed an international project that required her to be shooting in Europe on the same dates and she asked her team to end negotiations. The organisers suddenly didn’t have a star. But it was too late for a compromise.

The organisers subsequently succeeded in getting a male actor for the job, but they realised they’d missed out on a coup. Last heard, the actress has signed another international film project with A-list co-stars. The loss wasn’t hers.

Our Guess:
Top female star: Priyanka Chopra

Blind Item – Pinkvilla – 4th July

This blind item from Pinkvilla is another story about this forbidden romance between an Ace actor & his young protege cum girlfriend cum daughter in a movie….yuck! This superstar was deserted by his wife thanks to his habit of not being able to keep it in his pants. There were rumors of him doing several of his co-stars, till the time he married his current wife – an artsy JNU type, who the actor quoted verbatim & it became a national issue. Post years of staying faithful & not getting linked to any actress, the superstar has gone back to his old ways. But doing the girl who played your daughter in a movie is plain gross

Blind Item
Rumours of this juicy fling between a much older actor and his young girlfriend refuse to die down. Despite repeated efforts by the star and the lady to keep things under wraps, a lot of information about their growing fondness manages to trickle down.

As if the hush hush rumours of this much married actor’s obsession with this actress half his age weren’t enough, a new gossip about them has surfaced on the web, which has caught everyone’s attention. After managing to cast the young lady in his upcoming film, the superstar is now trying to convince the makers of his film to include a steamy lovemaking scene in the movie. These murmurs have only added fuel to the fire.

While the producers of his movie have showed their apprehensions about it, the hero is unaffected and has in fact ensured the makers that the said bedroom romance scene won’t affect his image. Not just that but he has also convinced the producers that he will make sure the audience accepts his pairing with the young lady. The superstar has even decided the point at which the much discussed love making scene will be shot in the movie.

The young actress, who has no qualms of this, obviously, is excited with this new inclusion. Given that her career is in his hands, she is blindly following what the actor is saying. Clearly, steamy romance in exchange of films is not a bad deal, after all.

And guess, this few films old actress surely knows!

Have you’ll got the hint of whom are we talking about?

Our Guess:

Older Actor: Aamir Khan

Girlfriend: Fatima

Blind Item – Pinkvilla – 29th June

Today’s blind item is from Pinkvilla. It speaks about this once queen of bollywood who was dating the biggest star in the country, broke up with him & started dating the scion of India’s first film family. They broke up only to get back a year later. There were rumors of her hooking up with this greek god post her living in with her bf. A few months post moving in to her rented house with her bf, they broke up. She has been trying to corry favor with her exes since then & is on a comeback trail

Blind Item
This actress and her personal life have always attracted immense media glare. Her rendezvous with her unofficial boyfriends have served the much needed fodder for the gossip hungry media. Be it her breakup with an actor that shocked all or her growing closeness with another ex-boyfriend, everything about this actress is grabbing eyeballs.

Recently, the said actress was caught in an awkward situation. While she was with her ex-boyfriend at a popular studio, another actor, who is evidently fond of the actress, was in the same vicinity as the ex-couple. Despite knowing she is around, this A-list actor timed his entry and exit accordingly, so as to not bump into the gorgeous actress and her ex-boyfriend. And, no, it isn’t anything to do with the lady in question. The two guys don’t get along with each other, for all the right reasons!

Only after their professional commitments were wrapped up and the talented star had left the venue, did the leading lady head out to meet her other ‘close friend’. Given the kind of rapport the leggy lass is sharing with her recent ex, it wasn’t surprising for the onlookers to see her go mingle with this popular superstar, with whom she has been rumoured to be in a relationship with on and off!

Interestingly, when the two stars met, the chemistry between them was evident. Her attention seeking antics kept the actor mesmerized. The possessiveness between the two was palpable. While she wanted the handsome actor to speak to her and give her his time, the leading man even noticed how many outfits she had changed!

Guess, some love stories die hard!

We would love to see this ‘we are just friends’ stars rekindle their romance!

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Our Guess
Actress: Katrina Kaif
Ex bf’s: Salman Khan & Ranbir Kapoor
Another A-list actor: Hrithik Roshan

Blind Item – Mirror – 28th June

Today’s blind item is from Mirror. It is based on the scion of the first film family of this country – a bonafide star & the once queen bee of Bollywood. The lady gave up plum projects in the hopes of becoming the bahu of the illustrious family. Even though the guy’s parents never approved of her, the couple moved into a rented apartment & were to get married by the end of last year. But as luck would have it, the guy’s mom found out about the shady past of the actress in question. This made the actor couple to call it quits. Apparently the actor did not even break up properly fearing a huge showdown with the actress. One fine day when the actress was away on a shoot, he just vamoosed with his belongings! He has since gone back to his womanizing ways

Blind Item
News of the most famous breakup in Bollywood keeps coming. It seems the rented apartment the former lovers were staying in is considered unlucky ( for those who believe in this sort of mumbo-jumbo). Wagging tongues say it has brought about the professional downfall of one of movie-dom’s most successful filmmakers of yore. Why didn’t anyone tell me first, the poor rejected ex-girlfriend confided in her friends. Perhaps it would have saved her relationship, she thinks. As if leopards change spots, we tell you

Our Guess
Former Lovers: Katrine Kaif & Ranbir Kapoor – They had famously rented a house in Cater Road, Bandra

Blind Guess – June 27th – Mumbai Mirror

Today’s blind is from Mumbai Mirror, & is is based on a Southern Superstar, who has also acted in a few Hindi movies. He is a brilliant actor & is married to the daughter of a megastar. There have been rumors of him having several extra marital affairs, but hooking up with his own sister-in-law is taking things too far.

On the face of it this southern superstar, who is quitely making inroads into the Hindi movie industry, seems to have a rather happy married life. It does help that he has married a great beauty. But we hear his antics are causing a lot of trouble in his personal life. For one he was dating two sisters who live & work in Mumbai. But now we hear is also rather close to his wife’s sister. So much so that the levels of familiarity became a matter of concern on the sets of a movie that stars the two of them. Perhaps he cant help himself – he may just have a thing for sisters you know

Our Guess
Southern Superstar: Dhanush
Sisters who live & work in Mumbai: Shruti & Akshara Hassan

Dhanush is married to Aishwarya – Rajnikanth’s daughter & is starring in a movie directed by Soundarya Rajnikanth

Celeb Gossip – Philandering Cricketer

Sources inform us that a cricket superstar, is quite the player off the field as well. During the recently concluded IPL, the former cricket Captain entertained cheer leaders in his hotel rooms, the cheer leaders used to leave his room in the early hours of morning. Nothing wrong in that, except that the ex-captain is married & even has a kid!

Whenever the missus & kiddo were expected at the hotel, ex-captain coolly used to ask his companions of the previous night to leave the room & ask the hotel staff to tidy up his room. When the wife used to enter the hotel room with their kid in tow, there were no traces of any partying of the previous night.

Celeb Gossip – June 13th

This young superstar is in a committed relationship with one of the biggest stars in the country, but still can’t manage to keep his p@*#k in his pants. He literally does everything that moves, right from the spot girl, AD’s, make up girl, supporting cast etc.

A group of comedians had even roasted our hero about his womanizing ways We wonder how his superstar girl friend is okay with the arrangement. Weird, considering the fact that she walked out of her relationship with another superstar because of his philandering ways!

Celeb Gossip – June’17

Sources inform us that the country’s biggest superstar & his ex, both currently single, are giving their relationship another chance. Industry insiders cant stop secretly admiring the actress who post her split with another young superstar, was written off by bollywood biggies. The few films she appeared in flopped. She had barely any work to speak off. But when you the country’s biggest superstar  on your side, things automatically fall into place. She shrewdly seduced the superstar & rekindled their romance.

He made a director cast his ex & even made some of his family members cast his ex in films they were producing. As they say in Bollywood, it is not just talent, it is whom you know, that matters. While the actress has not been linked to anyone post her famous breakup, the superstar – known for his womanizing ways, was dating a european & intended to marry her by the year end. But, things didn’t work out….luckily for our actress! She as usual wants to keep things low key & won’t make the relationship public.

Celeb Gossip – Match Fixing

He was part of the ex  cricket captain’s coterie. He is a batsman – fielder & was part of many Indian victories. He is the Captain of a state cricket team. If rumors are to be believed the cricketer is very insecure & never allowed any other batsman from his state Ranji team to shine. He was part of the cricket team only because he was in the good books of Captain Cool. He was rumored to have affairs with the wives of several of his team mates! He even bought himself a fancy bungalow in a plush area of the Capital. People started questioning about the sources of his income, considering he has barely any brand endorsements. Turns out our cricketer is neck deep into match fixing, especially IPL matches – his IPL team was banned due to match fixing charges for two years. Bookies even apparently paid for his lavish wedding.

As luck would have it, he did not get along with another star cricketer. This cricketer turned into a superstar & with Captain Cool’s declining fortunes, the mantle of Indian cricket team’s captaincy was passed on to the new superstar ( now dating a movie star). The new captain wasted no time in chucking this match fixing, womanizing, insecure, a*&^ole. He is not a part of the Champions Trophy starting soon. Like they say, “Karma is a Bitch”


Bolly Gossip – May

Rumor has it, that a good looking hero launched by a big shot producer/director/TV host/judge/studio boss along with two more star kids a few years back, is actually the big shot’s love interest. Ever wondered, how come all movies starring this hero are produced by his bollywood biggie boy friend? How come bollywood is so accepting of a rank outsider ? All news pieces about the actor dating his actress from his debut movie & other actresses/models are planted by the bollywood biggie himself. When the hero came on the biggie’s TV show recently, the biggie tried hard to make the hero look interested in women. It is all a facade! Truth be told, the big shot producer was distraught after his muse/superstar boyfriend of many years left him for a woman! Post which the bollywood biggie found solace in our good looking hero’s arms. The hero has been caught exiting the bollywood biggie’s house early in the morning by several photogs in the past.