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Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Verbal Commitments – 18th July This leading lady is going back on her verbal commitment to star in an item number. Can you guess the celeb Mumbai Mirror is talking about?

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Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror)-5th October She is luckiest gal in Bollywood. Afterall she has the country’s biggest superstar dancing to her tunes-who is now helping her foray into Hollywood!Guess who Mumbai Mirror is talking about

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Blind Item – 12th Sept – Mirror

rencontre chaton chien adulte If you are a successful & wealthy man being harassed by a woman, it will serve you better if you stay mum about it. Even if you do make a hue & cry, the woman will play the victim instead & your reputation will take a beating, not her’s. At least that is what we have learnt from what publicly transpired between this actress who refers to herself as a megastar despite several flops & this greek god superstar. She is smartly raking the topic up, when her next film – which is a do or die film for her is up for release. The greek god has maintained a dignified silence over the issue. But like we said, you cannot fight a woman publicly in today’s world & win. especially if you are so powerful. Here is the dope on recent happenings published in mirror

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