How To Get Her Phone Number & Ask Her Out

Raj had a huge crush on Tina in college. Tina was beautiful, smart & popular. Raj was decent looking, had a good family background, played sports & did well in exams. Raj & Tina were part of the same circle of friends. All of Raj’s friends knew he had a crush on Tina. Raj had wanted to ask Tina out for days. But Raj always felt nervous & insecure around Tina. Thanks to his insecurity & constantly doubting his chances with Tina, he could never muster the courage to ask Tina out. As luck would have it, after a few months Tina started dating another guy from their college. Raj was heart broken. He was angry with himself, that he didn’t even try his luck with the woman he had a such a huge crush on. Raj did get married years later, to a woman his parents chose. But he still can’t wonder how his life would have turned out, had he asked Tina out.

Have you faced these issues too? Do you want to avoid being the next Raj? Men since ages have dreaded taking a step towards asking their crushes out. The most successful men have been at a loss of words, when it came to asking their crushes out, leading to their crushes dating/marrying other men who had the b*&$s to ask them out.
Sow how does one ask his woman out, without having to fear getting rejected? The Opinionated Indian answers it for you
1) Get her phone number: Getting her phone number is the most vital step in dating. Asking her out directly on your first meeting should be avoided at all costs. If she is your college mate/ colleague it is pretty easy in today’s times to get her phone number. All you need to do is ask! Women don’t really hesitate in sharing their phone number with people whom they are familiar with. We would suggest conversing with her a few times before asking for her number. If you meet an attractive lady at a mall or a club or any public place,strike a conversation about how much how much you like/dislike the place or If there is a TV playing the India cricket match, just go next to her & say “India is going to win today” She will probably say ” Yeah. Me too. Kohli is playing well” or “Nah. I am not into sports”. Post which, based on her response you can ask her “Who is your favorite cricketer” or ” So what are you into?” The idea is to say something generic & not come off as a flirt or someone trying to pick them up. After speaking for a 2-3 mins, tell her “it was fun talking to you. We should stay in touch. What is your phone number?” At this point 99% of women will tell you their mobile phone number. It is that simple! Unless you creeped her out, you can rest assured that you will get her digits. Women who are unavailable will also mention about their bf as they give you their mobile number, so you can get the hint.If she doesn’t say anything of that sort, remember to tell her ” Anyway I have some work I have to attend to, I have to leave. See you around”, 2-3 mins post getting her number. Do not spend 3 hours chatting her up & telling her everything there is to know about you. Women love mystery. Do not kill all the suspense on your first interaction.
2) Treat her as your friend: Beautiful women are tired of men constantly trying to get into their pants. A woman conversing with a man regularly is misconstrued by a lot of men, as an expression of interest. If you think so too, then please get this straight, if girl is talking to you, it doesn’t mean she is interested in you. They love it, when a guy is interested in her as a person & not just her X-rated areas. Treat her like a lady & not just as apiece of meat. Do not flirt or lech at her as soon as you meet her (unless she does that first). Do not let her know of your feelings for her right away. Speak to her like she is a normal person & not an angel from heaven. Have normal conversations about topics that are of mutual interest. Women love talking about TV shows, celebs or bitching about mutual friends.

3) What to say over the phone: Once you have her mobile number, we would suggest you wait at least for 24 hours before you text/call her. She will be awaiting your phone call. Texting/calling her immediately will kill all the excitement. Do not send forwards either. This is the biggest mistake which men do. Committing this mistake will take you from “Interesting guy whom i met & might end up dating” & put you in “another guy who is crazy bout me” category. For 24 hours, she will keep looking at her phone, think about the conversation you has & even tell her friends about it. After you call her, do not sound nervous or insecure. Women hate it in man. She too has butterflies in her stomach & is anxious about her first conversation with you. After she pick up the phone ask her “What’s up?”. Do not & I repeat Do not tell her how much you thought about her. Ask her what she is up to & tell her how awesome your day was & how much fun you had with your friends or family. Show her that you are a fun guy, who can show her a good time. Do not tell her how your professor or boss bullied you. She is not your crying shoulder! Tease her like you would tease your younger sibling or your friends (teasing them about their fat butts is not what we are hinting it). Women love it when men imitate them or others around them. Try to make her laugh & keep the conversation fun. The hotter & more popular the woman the more you need to tease her. Hot woman are used to men treating them like goddesses. When you treat her like a normal being, you will stand apart from all the other guys who are trying to woo her. Your conversation should not last more than 10-15 mins. Post which you excuse yourself saying you have important work to attend to. Like we said earlier, keep the mystery around you alive. She will be dying to know more about you. Do not kill the suspense early on.

4) Asking her Out: If you do not muster the courage to ask her out post 1-2 weeks, you risk getting friend zoned. Post 1-2 weeks of texting her 2-3 times & talking to her for 10-15 mins everyday, you should ask her out. Now is the time to overcome your fear of rejection. Men fear the embarrassment of the world knowing that they got rejected or how the girl might stop talking to them if they ask her out. Firstly, you need to stop putting undue pressure on yourself. You are not the first guy in the world to get rejected & you won’t be the last. Even celebs get rejected by their crushes! So take a chill pill. If you are not confident of her approval, the best way out is to ask her to join you for an activity. Ask her ” I am going shopping tomorrow. You wanna come along?” If she says yes, you can then ask her “We can go for a movie, post that”. At this point she is most likely to say yes. In the unlikely event of her saying no, you need to dial down on your phone calls & texts & try again after a week. If she rejects you again, do not call her for a few days in between. If she doesn’t call you then she is not interested in you & just wanted to make herself feel better about herself by getting your attention (women do that). Stop talking to her & look for other women. If she ever accuses you of having a crush on her, you can call her crazy for assuming such a thing. Tell her ” I just thought of you as a friend & wanted to go shopping with you, because it is boring to go shopping alone”. That should set such women straight. If she doesn’t accuse you of having a crush on her & if she calls after a few days, tell her you were busy. If she asks you why you are acting strange. Then tell her “I am not like the other guys whom you treat like trash. I don’t feel you respect me. I asked you to join me for shopping twice & you couldn’t even spare time for that!” At this point she will have new found respect for you & will not dare to take you lightly. She will not dare to turn you down ever!
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Ways to Hide Your Fat & Look Skinny (Even Though You are Not) Without Exercising

You have started going to the gym recently & even started a new diet suggested to you by a good dietician, but you realize that getting fit is a long process. But them you have this happening party around the corner & you can’t afford to look fat! So what are your options? Scared of people mocking you for being fat? Is there is a way to look skinny even though you are not, till the time you actually get fit? Yes there is!!

The Opinionated Indian lists out ways you can look fit, even though you are not

1. Wear black/dark shade clothes: As the adage goes ” Whenever in doubt, wear black”. Wearing black shirts/trousers will make you look skinnier than you actually are. Depending on your body type or which part of your body needs to be worked upon, choose a black shirt or trouser. If you are afraid of getting type cast & or your clothes getting repetitive, opt for dark shades like navy blue, dark brown, maroon etc. The darker the shade, the skinnier you will look.Topping your shirt with a black jacket or a black blazer too is a good way to hide your love handles.
2. Avoid White or Light Shades: Avoid white as much as possible. White will make you look bulkier & is suited for people who are fit or are skinny.If you find white irresistible, go for fabric which is thick.

Avoid white as much as possible. People with man boobs should avoid body hugging clothes

3. Don’t buy tight clothes: Resist the urge to buy tight clothes, when you shop. Look into the mirror & be honest as to whether you need a bigger size. Tight clothes are the easiest ways for others to realize that you have put on weight or are unfit.If you are buying tight clothes & have a bulging tummy, then buy a good fitting shirt & avoid t-shirts. If you have man boobs then buy a t-shirt/polo neck with print around the chest area & or made of thick material only. Buying a t-shirt with thin material is a sure way of exposing your man boobs to the world. Loose shirts are highly recommended.
4 Use a vest: Using a vest inside & topping it with a good fitting or a loose shirt is the best way to look fitter than you actually are. A vest gives your body good shape & definition. It is effective in hiding your love handles. It also helps hiding those repulsive sweat stains.
5. Tuck in Shirts? If you have a bulging tummy. then it is better to not tuck your shirt in. On the other hand if your tummy is control, you can tuck in your shirt. Never tuck in t-shirts.

Men with bulging tummies should avoid tucking in their shirts or t-shirts

6. Posing for Pics: Holding your breath & taking your tummy inside actually not only helps you decrease your waist size in the long run, but is also an effective way to look fitter in pics. Pull your tummy in, while posing for pics & or turn sideways. Standing straight with your tummy facing the camera is a bad idea.
7. Use your hands: Cross your hands & place it over your tummy. Standing straight with your chest out is not a good idea.
8. Fabric: Choose the shirt fabric wisely. Avoid khadi(linen),silk or any thin fabric shirts & t-shirts. Thick cotton or wool shirts are highly recommended.
9. Adjust your Shirt/T-shirt: Post getting out of the car or standing up after being seated for a long duration makes out shirts or polo neck t-shirts to adjust to an inappropriate position, which may end up exposing your love handles or tummy or make your man boobs look bigger. Hence it becomes necessary for us to keep readjusting it to its normal position.

These tricks will help you look fitter than you actually are till the time those long hours in the gym & your diet regime don’t bear fruit. Write to us at

Attraction Killers: Things Men Do That Kills the Attraction With Women

You may think the best way to a woman’s heart is to flatter her constantly. Hey, that is what our movies & TV shows have thought us right? Unfortunately, those nodding in agreement are completely wrong. Although women will never admit to it, but they look down on men who keep flirting & flattering them all the time. You can rest assured that you will be friend zoned if you keep complimenting her all the time & showering her with attention (unless she has severe self esteem issues or you are filthy rich). Compliment her only when you think she deserves it & not just for the heck of it.

The Opinionated Indian lists out the various things that women find repulsive in a man. Things that kill the attraction the woman has for you.

1) One Liners: In my lifetime, I am yet to see one instance when a corny one liner has worked on woman. They work only when a woman uses it! Please stop using those one liners to start a conversation with a woman & just talk to her casually to break the ice.

Women hate it, when keep staring at their breasts during a conversation

2) Women hate it when men keep glancing at their breasts, during a conversation[/caption] Looking at her X-rated areas: To slyly glance at her assets is one thing & staring at them throughout is a totally different ball game altogether. Women hate it when men constantly keep looking at their boobs/ass. They prefer men who do not look at them as mere sex objects & respect them as equals.
3) Constantly Seeking Her Approval: This is the best way to get friend zoned! Women hate a man who is not in charge & keeps seeking their approval on everything. If she doesn’t like something she will tell you, trust me! If you ask her out for a movie & she accepts, tell her which movie you want to watch or if you are at a restaurant you suggest the dishes which she should taste. Let her respond to your suggestions. Do let her have it her way, if she strongly persists. But, do not always let things go as per her choices. Do not hesitate to put your foot down, if she is always the one deciding or else she will start treating you like her doormat.
4) Low Self Esteem: Women can smell a man with low self esteem a mile away. They hate men with low self esteem & self confidence issues. Women dig men with high self esteem & amazing amounts of confidence. Don’t let her know, that you or your family or your friends think of you as a loser!
5) Stingy: It is one thing to be frugal & a different thing to be stingy. Women can easily spot the difference. Women are programmed to look at their dates as good providers, who will keep them secure from harm, irrespective of whether they are looking for a relationship/getting married/just get laid. Hence, men who take women to cheap places or make their women travel by bus or in extreme cases make her walk a lot are most likely to get rejected. We totally understand you have budget constraints, but that shouldn’t stop you from taking her out for a movie at a decent theatre or dinner at a family restaurant & travel by cab/rickshaw (unless you both are from the lower strata of society). If she is too demanding & keeps insisting on premium restaurants, expensive clothing & is too high maintainence, it is better you get rid of her!
6) Touch: You may think, you slyly brushing your hands against her boobs or trying to get close or “touching her everywhere in a friendly way” went unnoticed, then you are completely wrong. Not only did she notice your inappropriate touch, she will also tell all her friends & family about what a creep you. You need to be ostracized you perv!! On the other hand, not touching her ever will increase awkwardness between you both. Greet her with a friendly hug when you meet her & when you drop her off. Frontal hugs are more effective than side hugs.
Constant texting & or calling, kills the excitement. It will eventually kill the attraction

7) Constant messaging or calling: Women just hate it when you are always available. Men who constantly text or call their crush are most likely to get friend zoned. Even if she keeps texting or calling you, do not stay constantly in touch. Give her the gift of MISSING YOU!! . If you are busy, do not hesitate to tell her you will get back to her. Trust us, she will not run away. Women love a man in command & not seeking their approval.
When you are not texting or calling her, she will keep thinking about you & think of all the fun moments she had with you. Constantly conversing kills the excitement thanks to the law of diminishing marginal utility & makes you look boring. One of the most common reasons why guys get friend zoned!

8) Don’t get hen pegged: Women lose attraction to men who always do as told. They love macho men who clearly know what they want & will not compromise. Keep in mind, we are not asking you to always oppose her. But, if you strongly disagree to what she wants or has to say, make it clear to her & stand by your principles. If you do not muster the courage to speak your mind, she will dump you for being a loser anyway!
9) Compliments: Complimenting her for fer figure is a strict no no! When it comes to compliments, do it in a way which doesn’t give away that you are dying to get into her pants. Compliments like ” You smell good, whci perfume is that?” or “You are looking good” at the start of the date are totally acceptable. But, please restrict the number of compliments to 1-2 per date.
10) Telling her how you feel: We have saved the most repulsive habit for the last. When you meet an attractive woman, you start a sort of a dance. Women love drama, whereas men hate it. women love the romance to unfold at a slow pace. Whereas men just love it, when a woman just walks up to them & asks them to take them to nearest hotel. Telling a woman how you feel, very early on kills the attraction & gives her total control over you. Like we said earlier, women love macho men who are not easily controlled. Keep the suspense on by not proposing to her & by teasing her. Accuse her of having the hots for you in a playful manner & see how she reacts. If she smiles when you do it, you have a very good chance with her. If she starts yelling & fuming at the suggestion, then get the hint! Do not propose to her until you are supremely confident of her saying yes. In fact, we suggest you to keep dropping subtle hints that you are into her & never really saying it out loud, until she makes it obvious that she is into you.

Keep these things in mind & see your success rate with women go up drastically. Do mail us success stories to

Tips To Get Wealthy

A man saw his 60 yr old father planting a tree. “Which tree is this Papa?”, asked the 30 year old son. “It is a mango tree” replied the father. “Ohh great! How long before this tree gives its first mango?” asked the son inquisitively. “18 years” said the father. “What? You will probably be dead by the time this tree starts giving fruit Papa!” exclaimed the befuddled son. “I know son, but you & your kids, kids after them will reap the fruits of my labor for years to come. I think it is worth it” said the father matter of factly.

This story is not written by us. You have probably heard about this story quite a few times. Nobody even knows where this story originated from. But, the underlying message of this short story is priceless. The mango is a metaphor for wealth & riches one earns by being disciplined, working hard towards their objective. Anybody who fails to “look after” the tree & loses interest will be devoid of the sweet taste of the “mango”.

It requires a lot of discipline at your end to achieve the goal of becoming wealthy. It will require you sacrifricing a lot . But, The Opinionated Indian promises you, that following these steps will make you rich & wealthy.

Warren buffett lives in amodest house & doesnt own fancy cars

Make your money work for You: What ever your profession maybe, how much ever you may earn, it is imperative that you save at least 10% of your income. Although,  we recommend that you save 35% of your income. The rise of social media, has lead to a lot of pressure on millennials to buy the latest clothes, holiday abroad, buy the latest smartphone, expensive gadgets & to buy  expensive cars, just so that they can post about it on social media.  Most millennials tend to spend their entire salaries & then max their credit cards to buy the latest smartphone, designer clothes, cars or on that holiday in New Zealand/Europe etc, just to seem successful in the eyes of people, who barely care. The truly successful & wealthy people don’t care much for other people’s opinion.

Warren Buffett famously said ” If you buy things you don’t need, you will end up selling things that you need”. The world richest people are frugal spenders. Warren Buffett, Carlos Slim, Azim Premji all drive modest cars. Warren Buffett & Carlos Slim- both worth billions, live in modest houses. Most millionaires spend just 10% of their incomes & invest the rest. 80% of the millionaires drive second hand cars. Mark Zuckerberg, the inventor of Facebook, drives a modest car & barely spends on clothing. On the other hand, Mike Tyson, Johnny Depp are bankrupt, despite earning millions!

So how do we save, you ask? The trick is to first take money off your salary account & invest it, only post that should you spend. Your car loan ideally shouldn’t be more than 15% of your income. Apply for a credit card, instead of taking high interest personal loans. Overall, your monthly EMI’s shouldn’t be more than 50% of your income. Resist the temptation to buy on every fashion sale, use your smartphone for at least 2 years before  splurging on the latest i-phone, use your car at least for 5-6 years before buying/upgrading to a new one, travel abroad once in 2-3 years. Travel during off season if possible, do not overspend on hotels & eating out. Safeguard your investments from theft or fraud. Have multiple sources of income. In today’s times, where there is no job security & with the shelf life of businesses being short, it is advisable to have multiple streams of income. 

So where to invest the money saved? Here are your options

Stocks or Mutual Funds: It is imperative, you get at least a basic understanding of stocks or mutual funds. Invest money you won’t be requiring for the next 3-5 years. INR 50,000 invested in nifty in 1999 had grown to INR 522,000 by 2014 ( ). Investing the same money in a fixed deposit @8% interest would give you INR 119,827 post deducting taxes. Einstein once said “Compounding is the eight wonder of the world”. You totally stay away from investing in equities, you will end up paying a high price for it. Based on your risk appetite &  your age, financial planners will advise you on the money you invest in equities. Equities are the most liquid form of investment. Long term capital gains on equities attract no income tax whatsoever. High dividend yielding stocks lead to decent returns in terms of dividend income. Track your investments regularly. For people not too interested in following the market, investing in mutual funds is recommended.

Real Estate is a sound investment

Real Estate: Indians tend to love investing in real estate. Buying a house, can get you a steady stream of rental income. The property can give you handsome returns, on being sold after a few years. The three important ingredients for a real estate investment is Location , location, location. Although we would like to tweak the formula a bit. Apart from the location, please do your due diligence, in terms of the property papers, ownership etc. It is recommended, that you take a bank loan to finance your real estate buy. Apart from saving tax, bank loans guarantee the safety of your investment, A bank won’t sanction your loan, before checking each & every aspect of the deal. But, unlike stocks, real estate is not a liquid investment.

Gold: Indians love their gold. Owing to the curbs on gold imports, gold prices have been highly volatile &, have offered dismal returns.Unless there is a huge calamity, Indians don’t tend to sell their gold due to the emotional attachment to their gold.Gold tends to just lie in your locker & ads no value. So it is advisable not to allocate huge amounts to this investment. We do suggest investing 10% of your portfolio in gold, as it is a counter to your other investments. It has been observed that, when real estate & stocks go down, gold prices tend to go up & vice versa.

Invest in a Startup: A new form of investment, which offers decent to very good returns. People have started to invest in startups, through crowd funding websites. There have been several examples of crowd funded startups giving handsome returns to their investors. People should invest only after thoroughly researching the company.

Fixed Deposits: It is one investment we hate to make, owing to the sub par returns. But, it is an essential part of your portfolio. Owing to the liquidity & guaranteed returns of the money invested, it helps safeguard your investment against stock market crashes & delays in selling your real estate investments. If your honeymoon/kid’s college fees are a few months or a year away, we would suggest you sell your stocks & or real estate & put it in an FD.

Be very careful while investing your hard earned money. Research thoroughly before investing.


  1. Credit cards might be a very important tool, if used wisely. You can buy important things, with money you don’t have. But, this often leads people into a huge debt trap. Clear all your credit card dues in full, every month. The interest rates on credit cards are deadly.
  2. Invest in multiple asset classes. Your portfolio should be a mix of equities/ mutual funds, real estate, gold & fixed deposits.
  3. If the returns sound too good to be true, there probably is something wrong. Never invest in dubious schemes, promising 200% returns on your money in a few months & no effort whatsoever.
  4. Investing money in a tech startup, founded by your dhobi is a horrible idea. Invest in companies, whose founders have a solid background & sound knowledge of their field & have clarity of vision. Investing in a laundromat, founded by your dhobi makes much better sense!
  5. When it comes to lending money, consider money lent as gone. It is advisable not to lend money.In case you do, don’t ever expect to get it back. If you do get it back, it is a bonus.
  6. When it comes to gambling in a casino or intra day stock trades, always keep a cut off limit. It is strongly advisable, to stay away from gambling in casinos or betting, as they are designed in a way that the house will always win.
  7. Never live on borrowed money. Clear of all your loans, as early as possible. Do not account for sporadic income earned from royalties/performance bonuses or inheritances. 80% money earned from inheritances or royalties or performance bonuses should be invested.
  8. Do not neglect your health. Health is Wealth. Do not eat in unhygienic restaurants or stay in dingy hotels just to save money. Be frugal & not stingy. It is one thing to value money & people respect it. It is another thing to live just to save money & watch your money grow.
  9. At the same time, do not spend way too extravagantly on weddings or throwing parties to friends whom you barely know.

Follow these steps, slowly & steadily you will see your wealth grow to desired levels. We never said it was easy! Like they say ” There is nothing called a free lunch”