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The Good Cop(Netflix) Review

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The Good Cop is the latest comedy-drama whodunit from Netflix. Does it manage to hold its own when you are spoilt for choice with several shows from the same genre on Netflix? Read our review to find out!

Cast: Tony Danza, Josh Groban, Monica Barbaro, Isiah Whitlock Jr
Created By: Andy Breckman
OTT: Netflix
Episode Duration: 42-49 mins
Genre: Drama-Comedy

Tony Caruso Sr.(Tony Danza) used to be a cop. He was sacked owing to his links with the drug mafia. Even after spending 8 years in jail for his crime, he has an issue following rules & protocol. As part of his parole, he has to stay with his son & avoid trouble. His son – Tony Caruso Jr.(Josh Groban), is his exact opposite. Caruso Jr. is an upright cop, who follows every rule in the book. So while Tony Sr, is very

Tony Danza is amazing as the crooked cop with a good heart. He is perfect for his role. Image source:
popular among people, Tony Jr. is considered as a bore. But both have a knack for solving crimes. We are told that when Tony Sr. was in his prime every detective in the precinct used to refer their cases to him. His son has got these genes in him, but nothing else. Tony Sr.’s wife is dead. Tony Jr. has an attractive colleague – Cora Vasquez(Monica Barbaro) who assists him in solving crimes. Her character reminded us of Kate Beckett character from Castle. Apart from these three we have Burl Loomis(Isiah Whitlock Jr.) for comedic effect. Burl gets by cases with little effort. He knows he has just has to survive 724 days before he gets to enjoy his retired life.

The first episode is the one with one of the best scripts in the season. One of Tony Sr.’s rivals on the force is shot dead. The cops suspect Tony Sr. of the crime. But it is found that the man was killed by a gun which belongs to Tony Jr.. But both claim to be innocent. Tony Jr. swears that he never lets the gun out of sight. In fact he takes his gun along with him to the shower. Tony Sr. has a strong alibi. So if not these two, then who killed Tony Sr.’s rival? How did he manage to do it? Or is it actually Tony Jr. who killed him? Watch the show to find out.


We have fond memories of Tony Danza in the iconic TV series – Who’s The Boss. He is the most known face in the show & he doesn’t let you down. He is perfect for his role as the ex-cop with morality issues, but with his heart in the right place. Josh Groban manages to impress with his subtle acting. He is apt for his Alan Harperesque(Jon Cryer – Two And A Half Men) character. Monica Barbaro is a revelation. She looks good & manages to act well. Isiah Whitlock Jr. as Burl Loomis is funny & sometimes very annoying.

The hero of the show is the script. Trust Netflix to never go wrong with a drama or even a dramedy! Andy Breckman has created a tight show. Every episode we saw was entertaining & managed to hold our attention for the entire 42 odd mins. We did have a tough time guessing the culprits. The writing is intriguing & witty.


You are asking me where Netflix went wrong with a drama? Seriously?


The Good Cop is a light breezy entertainer. If you are a fan of serious hardcore whodunits, you may not like it. But if you are okay with some comedy in a suspense drama, then you will love this one. We will be keenly awaiting the second season!

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


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