The Ranch(Netflix) Review

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Our joy knew bounds on finding a TV show starring Ashton Kutcher & Danny Masterson – the very people who made us fall in love with them as the affable kids from “That 70’s Show”. Is The Ranch as good as the iconic show which made Ashton Kutcher a household name in America? Read on to find out.

Ashton Kutcher who plays Colt Bennett is cast as a typical Ashton Kutcheresque character – that of a handsome man who is a hit with the gals, but is not likely to be the smartest man in the room. It feels like an extension of his Michael Kelso character from That 70’s Show. He has obviously played it safe by scripting a character tailor made for him. It does help that he is donning the executive producer’s hat for this show. Danny Masterson the other alumnus of That 70’s Show co-stars as Rooster Bennett, Colt’s elder brother.
The show starts off with Colt(Ashton Kutcher) returning to his father – Beau Bennett’s(Sam Elliott) ranch in small town America, post a failed sports career. The show is mainly about Colt & Rooster’s transformation from irresponsible to mature adults. The wisecracks are in abundance.

The scenes involving Beau Bennett & his two sons are full of dry humor
The chemistry between the lead stars is just as good as their first show together. The supporting cast of Debra Winger(Maggie Bennett) & Elisha Cuthbert(Abigail Phillips) are good in their respective roles. The serious scenes which involve the difficulties the Bennett’s face to keep their ranch alive is very well directed. it is thankfully low on melodrama. Sam Elliott as the grumpy patriarch stands out among the cast. His poker faced one liners will put a smile on your faces. The show made us reminisce about our childhood & our equation with our parents.
The show does get a bit predictable after a while & follow a similar pattern. The dumb blonde act by Kutcher does lose its charm after a while. The show does not offer anything unique to the discerning viewer.
But if you are surfing Netflix & are itching for a good laugh, The Ranch is just what the doctor ordered! Fill your pop corn tub, get some chilled beer out of the fridge & get ready to be entertained!

Our Rating: ***


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