Time Out (Voot) Review

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Time Out is Voot’s new urbane drama. Is it meant only for The Roadies/ Splitvilla crowd, or can it be viewed by the Netflix/ Amazon Prime viewing audiences as well? Read our review to find out.

Time Out stars the hugely talented Tahir Raj Bhasin as Rahul & the gorgeous Sarah Jane Dias as his wife Radha. Rahul & Radha are your typical urban salaried couple, with unsatisfying jobs & a huge EMI burden thanks to their new swanky apartment. Rahul works as an ad exec, who finds his work to be a complete drag. He has a boss who, is constantly on his case. Although he is the “rising star” in his company, Rahul is always at loggerheads with his boss, due to his attitude. He has recently found out, that his parents who are based out of Lucknow, are filing for divorce thanks to his father’s philandering ways. He has a colleague & best friend – Ashish (Sahil Vaid). Ashish & alcoholic wife have two kids. The kids & the responsibility of having them, freak the hell out of Rahul. To add to his list of woes, his loving wife badly wants a baby & our hero just isn’t ready. Rahul, unable to handle so many challenges, takes some drastic decisions which end up alienating him from his wife. Rahul then asks for a “Time Out” from their relationship. Whether he reunites with his wife or separates from her, whether they decide to have a baby & whether Rahul sticks to his job is what forms the crux of the story. There are moments which will make you cringe at the stupidity of the lead pair. There is also enough dose of romance & comedy. While there are ample doses of comedy in the initial episodes, the show gets more dramatic as it progresses. Viewers will reminisce about Salaam Namaste post viewing the first episode.
Tahir Raj Bhasin, who made a mark by playing villainous characters on celluloid does an SRK & plays the romantic lead. We loved him in Mardaani & Force2. Thankfully he doesn’t disappoint. He showcases his versatility. His alter ego cum show narrator is annoying initially, but you get used to him later.

Sahil Vaid as Ashish in Time Out
Sahil Vaid is hilarious in his role as Ashish – Rahul’s BFF
Tahir doesn’t go over the top & does his character justice. Sarah Jane Dias, who impressed us in Inside Edge is good in this show as well. While she did not have many scenes in Inside Edge, she has enough screen time on this show. She has improved a lot as an actor. While her movie career seems short lived, we won’t be surprised to see her make it big in the web series space. She surely can act! But the scene stealer is Sahil Vaid. Sahil, who made a mark in Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania is a complete natural. He is brilliant in every scene. His comic timing is superb. His altercations with his wife are hilarious. The other supporting actors which include Rahul’s young neighbors, boss & his father are decent. Jugal Hansraj makes a friendly appearance on the show. The director – Danish Aslam, deserves a pat on his back for choosing a story, which a large percentage of the urban population of India can relate to.
While there are no glaring flaws, the show does lose some steam in between. But thankfully picks up pace towards the end. While the story initially is very relevant to the urban salaried class, the script post the first few episodes will make you stare in disbelief. But we choose to ignore that for the sake of entertainment. After all a show based on a normal couple, with nothing abnormal would be boring as hell.
Romcom aficionados will love this show. The show can be enjoyed by the Netflix drama loving audience as well. Do not watch it expecting to get an out of this world experience. It is a simple story, made complex by the life choices of the lead pair. It does have a message for all urban married couples, who have started off on their journey together.

Our Rating: (4 / 5)

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