Unfaithfully Yours(Theatre) Review

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Unfaithfully Yours is an English play starring Mona Singh & Rohit Roy. It is a story which deals with the love story of a couple who have been in love for 25 years, despite being married to different people! Read our review to find out if it is worth a watch.

Cast: Mona Singh, Rohit Roy
Director: Raell Padamsee
Language: English
Duration: 2 hours

We are not theatre enthusiasts. But having watched almost movie, TV show there is, we decided to catch Raell Padamsee’s play starring Mona Singh which deals with infidelity at St. Andrews last night. The story starts off in the late 80’s, Akash(Rohit)- A Gujarati architect from Delhi, wakes up after a night of love making to Namanpreet(Mona)- a Sikh housewife from Mumbai. They met at a wedding in Goa the last night, which ended up with them spending the night together. Akash professes his love for Preet & hopes to see her again. They do end up seeing each other, one day every year for 25 years in the same hotel room in Goa. Akash & Preet both have loving spouses. Neither of them have any solid reason for committing adultery. The play traces the romance between the two lovers across a period of 25 years. The story portrays the clandestine meetings of the cheating couple every 5 years. We are told about the year & major events of the year by the narrator(RJ HrishiKay in the second half). Do they get caught? Do they get married in the end? Does the play have a happy ending? You will have to watch the play to find out.

The comic timing of the two actors is good. Some jokes were really funny. Mona & Rohit carry their roles very well & are very well suited for their roles. Ronit’s Ahmedabad connection helps him portray a Gujarati settled in Delhi convincingly. Mona literally plays herself – A Sikhni with a sense of humour. The play doesn’t intend to make statements or pass judgements on marriage & infidelity. It does show their characters feeling guilty about cheating on their respective spouses, but doesn’t get preachy. The heroine is not portrayed as a characterless, slutty or evil. In fact both the characters are shown as normal everyday people who just ended up cheating on their spouses. The writers must be credited for the maturity shown in handling a subject of this nature.

The problem with the story is there are not enough highs & lows. None of the usual drama associated with a couple committing adultery is part of the play.

But there are jokes galore to keep the audiences entertained. While you won’t be at the edge of your seats, you will leave the play with a smile on your face nonetheless! Do watch it at a theatre close to you!

Our Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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