Ways to Hide Your Fat & Look Skinny (Even Though You are Not) Without Exercising

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You have started going to the gym recently & even started a new diet suggested to you by a good dietician, but you realize that getting fit is a long process. But them you have this happening party around the corner & you can’t afford to look fat! So what are your options? Scared of people mocking you for being fat? Is there is a way to look skinny even though you are not, till the time you actually get fit? Yes there is!!

The Opinionated Indian lists out ways you can look fit, even though you are not

1. Wear black/dark shade clothes: As the adage goes ” Whenever in doubt, wear black”. Wearing black shirts/trousers will make you look skinnier than you actually are. Depending on your body type or which part of your body needs to be worked upon, choose a black shirt or trouser. If you are afraid of getting type cast & or your clothes getting repetitive, opt for dark shades like navy blue, dark brown, maroon etc. The darker the shade, the skinnier you will look.Topping your shirt with a black jacket or a black blazer too is a good way to hide your love handles.
2. Avoid White or Light Shades: Avoid white as much as possible. White will make you look bulkier & is suited for people who are fit or are skinny.If you find white irresistible, go for fabric which is thick.

Avoid white as much as possible. People with man boobs should avoid body hugging clothes

3. Don’t buy tight clothes: Resist the urge to buy tight clothes, when you shop. Look into the mirror & be honest as to whether you need a bigger size. Tight clothes are the easiest ways for others to realize that you have put on weight or are unfit.If you are buying tight clothes & have a bulging tummy, then buy a good fitting shirt & avoid t-shirts. If you have man boobs then buy a t-shirt/polo neck with print around the chest area & or made of thick material only. Buying a t-shirt with thin material is a sure way of exposing your man boobs to the world. Loose shirts are highly recommended.
4 Use a vest: Using a vest inside & topping it with a good fitting or a loose shirt is the best way to look fitter than you actually are. A vest gives your body good shape & definition. It is effective in hiding your love handles. It also helps hiding those repulsive sweat stains.
5. Tuck in Shirts? If you have a bulging tummy. then it is better to not tuck your shirt in. On the other hand if your tummy is control, you can tuck in your shirt. Never tuck in t-shirts.

Men with bulging tummies should avoid tucking in their shirts or t-shirts

6. Posing for Pics: Holding your breath & taking your tummy inside actually not only helps you decrease your waist size in the long run, but is also an effective way to look fitter in pics. Pull your tummy in, while posing for pics & or turn sideways. Standing straight with your tummy facing the camera is a bad idea.
7. Use your hands: Cross your hands & place it over your tummy. Standing straight with your chest out is not a good idea.
8. Fabric: Choose the shirt fabric wisely. Avoid khadi(linen),silk or any thin fabric shirts & t-shirts. Thick cotton or wool shirts are highly recommended.
9. Adjust your Shirt/T-shirt: Post getting out of the car or standing up after being seated for a long duration makes out shirts or polo neck t-shirts to adjust to an inappropriate position, which may end up exposing your love handles or tummy or make your man boobs look bigger. Hence it becomes necessary for us to keep readjusting it to its normal position.

These tricks will help you look fitter than you actually are till the time those long hours in the gym & your diet regime don’t bear fruit. Write to us at theopinionatedindian@yahoo.com


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