Week #6: SSR’s Case Updates, Kangana Ranaut & More

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Listen to what our followers – Kunal & Manish have to say about SSR’s case this week


5 thoughts on “Week #6: SSR’s Case Updates, Kangana Ranaut & More

  • September 10, 2020 at 3:17 am

    As someone who is an NRI, I completely agree with celebs who say Mumbai is safe but India is intolerant.

    Mumbai is the only city where I feel safe to be out any time after 9pm. You can never do that in Delhi! Mumbai is the only city where the riksha guys give you change and go by the meter. In Chennai, I would get charged Rs. 400 to go like a mile (2 ish km).

    However India is becoming intolerant. My aunts and uncles who are BJP supporters do not hear anything against Modi. They do not even want to address the critical failures of the current government like the economy slowing down about 25%. So many Hindus are now ready to take vengeance for issues that happened with generations before them. Even the bigotry from my well educated family is appalling toward Muslims – like they have some vendetta on crimes committed to others at some time.

    I wish people could separate views and politics from personal attacks but they are now one and the same in India.

    A bigger question is, has BJP asked Kangana to clog up the airways with her lunacy so that they can shift focus from the economic free fall?

  • September 10, 2020 at 5:47 pm

    how can you expect the economy to do fine when we are faced with COVID-19 – a problem nobody seems to have a solution to? the govt prioritised the lives of its people over the economy due to which we have one of the lowest per million infection rate in spite of our testing rate being decent.

    the economy will be on track by next year. had the govt not announced a lockdown the number of lives lost would have been in millions. Maharashtra is governed by the opposition parties, but they too don’t have a solution. 7 out of 10 top districts with COVID-19 cases are from Maharashtra. Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, kerala – states ruled by non-BJP parties too are suffering.

    Recently the BMC demolished a celeb – kangana ranaut’s office just for speaking out. the BMC is run by shiv sena. but no celeb is crying intolerance or writing articles in the WSJ against them. isn’t that being biased?

    hindus & Muslims are equally to be blamed for the mess in our country. the hindu is unable to rationalize the fear in the minds of Muslims due to beef related killings while Muslims are unable to rationalize why the Bengaluru riots or sweden riots are cause for concern. if you supporting one but ignoring the concerns of the other you too are biased.

    indians are just as tolerant or intolerant as any other liberal society. a black man was killed by the cops in America, which was a clear case of racism. the way the britishers speak about meghan markle is despicable. i personally have witnessed racism in Switzerland. the less I speak about islamic countries, china & pakistan the better

    • September 11, 2020 at 12:14 pm

      I don’t think that saying India is relatively better means that intolerance isn’t increasing. Yes, US has the black lives matter movement. Thanks to trump all this has been exacerbated (similar to how Modi has done the same).

      Please tell me that you are not a Kangana supporter. I condemn her office being broken but she has made a farce out of this investigation. 1. She hit out at the SSR angle. 2. She ranted about Rhea but that was never her end goal – this is her chance to grab the top and run her own version of Bollywood where she is KJo. 3. When that did not work she hit at the drug angle (it is obvious she herself has indulged in drugs – viral video by shekhar Suman son says so)
      She thinks she is a warrior against nepotism but she hired her own sister and brother to work for her in roles they are not qualified. She hits out at all outsiders who do not sing her praise – I do not think she has ever been gracious. She says the most vile things in a vile tone. Is that the values of the kind of kids you want to raise? She might have been brave before but why drag KJo in when clearly it was just Shiv Sena that broke her office? Obviously she needs to add him to fuel her narrative. Why bring up Hrishikesh in conversations that do not involve him.

      The truth and issue here is the sane people that are crying nepotism will never say anything against the caste system. This is where nepotism comes from – a Brahmin puparium made his son a Punjabi too, a business man leaves his business to his son…I do not understand why a small industry like Bollywood, which barely impacts 1% of Indian population, nepotism matter to do many. Why not fight for equal opportunity for other professions and education that are more likely to impact the country as a whole….

      • September 12, 2020 at 2:32 am

        would request you to read my previous articles on ms ranaut. have vehemently attacked her. but the state govt of Maharashtra has made her into a leader by trying to crush her. Demolishing her office just for questioning the govt is just not done. people were in fact starting to see through her actions & were starting to get annoyed with her. but thanks to the despicable actions of the state govt, she is enjoying unparalleled support.

        Most of the people know that PM Modi has his share of flaws. But vote for him because they think that he is the best choice & not because he is perfect. The rest are way worse. BJP party members were killed by TMC in West Bengal. Your neighbours & society at large will boycott you if you ever go against the commies in kerala. FIR’s were filed against Arnab just because he called Sonia Gandhi by her maiden name. Everyone saw what shiv sena did to the ex-Navy officer just for forwarding a meme. The cable operators in Maharashtra have been asked to ban Republic news. Isn’t all this intolerance? Isn’t this a mockery of democracy? Why doesn’t WSJ or the guardian cover these issues & only cover issues where the BJP is the guilty party?

        • September 13, 2020 at 9:46 pm

          Maybe because the country at large does not give enough importance to such atrocities. The amount of coverage and the amount of mind space that has been given to the SSR case and Kangana Ranaut during the last few months is ridiculous. If the Indian media spent more time covering the topics you listed above, then WSJ would hear more about them and would probably publish something about that as well.

          Also, I think you helped prove my point – the country in general has growing intolerance. It doesn’t matter what party you associate yourself with. This usually happens when there has been an imbalance of power. What I mean by this is – how often do people have such rebellious violent outbreaks if in general there are more bipartisan governments and there is peace in the nation? Granted India is always a pressure cooker when it comes to politics.

          My hope for India (and the US) is to realize what really matters. SSR’s death does not really impact the day of a daily wager. What happens in Bollywood does not impact the citizens of India (although the same KJo that they are trying to oust brings quite a bit of $$$ with his movies abroad…) Be kinder to one another – do not send actresses messages of rape just because they are from film families (I mean it’s seriously disgraceful what people are saying on social media), learn to respect hard work (Kareena used to be shooting all the time, respect how much effort that takes. Respect Akshay Kumar’s dedication to his fitness and his craft), respect SRK’s intelligence and wit, recognize that nepotism is rampant everywhere (I just wanted Green Lantern – awful movie btw – last night and even there the villain gets the job because of his dad being a senator).

          I know we had a discourse but I respect that it was an intellectual one without name calling and such.

          Work hard and be kind.

          I think the part that hurts me the most as an NRI is knowing that the kindness is gone. I hope we can find our humanity…


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