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Vanessa Envy Blush V Engage W2

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We will be comparing two most affordable and loved perfumes in the market. Both of these perfumes are worth the hype and are tested by us! We will be comparing both on the basis of fragrance, notes, longevity and price point. Read our article by Neeharika Awasthi to know which one is better!

Before buying both of them, I was looking for a review, but there’s no comparison review of both of these most loved fragrances on any blog or YouTube video yet. So I decided to compare both of them, let’s have a look.


Price of both of them are very affordable where engage w2 is for 170 rupees for 120 ml and Vanessa Envy blush is for Rs. 225 for 60 ml. Yes! You read it right engage w2 is offering double quantity in half price of Vanessa envy blush. So for the price point , of course engage w2 is a win win.


Vanessa envy blush comes in a little heavy frosty glass bottle with a silver cap that makes it look classy but the con is one might have a problem in travelling with this one because of the glass bottle. Where as engage w2 comes in a plastic bottle with a tight cap which doesn’t look like a lot of money is spent on packaging but its still travel friendly.


Both of them smell nothing alike and belong from different fragrance families with different notes. Engage w2 is a chocolaty sweet scent where as Vanessa envy blush is a clean and fresh feminine scent. If engage w2 is more of a night fragrance with intense notes then Vanessa envy blush is more towards day time scent with clean floral notes to it. None of the fragrance has heavy and dominating base notes like musk or cedar, they are there but they don’t over power the whole fragrance and keeps the notes balanced. Let’s move on to each fragrance in depth 

Engage w2

This fragrance is more towards vanilla and chocolaty sweet and not fruity and floral sweet like Vanessa envy blush. W2 has top notes of pear and mandarin but they fade in half an hour. I’m not a person who likes typical rose fragrance but the middle note of this scent is so unique, its like a sweet candy rose and a little bit of lavender mixed with vanilla. After 2-3 hours the effect of rose fades a little and you will be left with a prominent sweet chocolate smell. I’m not assuring any dupe alert but this scent gives me a vibe of Lancome’s perfumes and Lancome is known to have few unique rosy fragrances. To me this fragrance smells more expensive than the price its offering.

Vanessa envy blush 

The fragrance belongs from Fresh floral family. The fragrance is included with majorly floral notes combined with some fresh, citrus and green notes. This fragrance isn’t sweet floral like w2, it’s citrus floral which has refreshing vibe in it. For some reason this fragrance has a creaminess that reminds me of when one comes out from a luxury spa. It’s very mass appealing and feminine scent which has a calming effect when one smells it. It definitely smells like one of the scents one would want to smell more and more. It’s a unique fragrance but I would say it’s a more of a everyday day time fragrance which is very inoffensive and forms a decent impression.


Vanessa envy blush is an eau de parfum with higher concentration of fragrance, it lasts for about 4-5 hours easily. Where as engage w2 has mislead the audience by its claim to be a perfume but the packaging has no mention about the fragrance type whether its eau de parfum or eau de toillete. Also engage w2 comes off with a strong chemical/alcohol effect and lasts for a very small period of 2-3 hours so its definitely a body mist with less fragrance concentration and more alcohol used in it. So definitely Vanessa envy blush is paying off more with a higher price and providing more longetivity than engage w2.


Both of the perfumes belong from different fragrance families and everyone has a different nose to different type if fragrances. But because my nose is more towards fragrance with edible notes like chocolate vanilla and cupcake, I was more pleased to smell engage w2 as a unique vanilla fragrance because we don’t have many vanilla fragrances in market. I feel engage w2 has a disappointing factor of longevity. Where as I do love Vanessa envy blush for its unique identity and I use it more often than engage w2 because its a everyday perfume for me which has a comforting vibe and it’s more long lasting . I would still recommend engage w2 over Vanessa envy blush because of the price point, its okay if you have to reapply the scent but the experience of this fragrance is worth it and very mood uplifting. Also even after having a difference of price point and quantity difference, engage w2 and envy Vanessa blush will last you for the same time. If you will be reapplying w2 which has 120 ml and applying Vanessa envy blush(60 ml) once a day will have no difference of the amount of months the bottle will last you.


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