Why India Is Attracting So Many Foreign Investments?

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Author: Thyagarajan Gopalakrishnan

For the average out-of-country visitor, India is an assault to the senses. A cacophony of horns and other noises, chaotic street scenes and driving habits, smells and fragrances and a large variety of colours and sounds greet every sense there is. It seems like madness but that’s not only an unkind statement but also an unfair one. There is a method in the madness, a beautiful sense of order in the chaos and all of it encompasses what’s known as the Indian lifestyle. Here’s a glimpse of what transpires in the lives of the Indian.

This is a country that celebrates food in all its glory. And when you have a country as wide ranging and different as India, the food is bound to be a delicious feast. Every state has something unique to offer the person who enjoys food. From the soft wheat flatbreads of the North to the rice staples of the South, the delicious fish preparations of the east and the north-east to the snacks of the west, food is the centre of celebration and ceremony.

You’re in for a treat even if you’re invited to a simple meal in an Indian household. Fragrant condiments, well-cooked vegetables and meats and thirst-quenching drinks all offer a wonderful repast. A wedding feast is one you cannot afford to miss. From the elaborate vegetarian meals of the Hindu wedding to the chicken and mutton biryani to be had at Christian and Muslim weddings, food is one of the main conversation points for guests!

Since we are discussing weddings, the wedding event is a big part of the lifestyle of the Indian. Families work and save to ensure that this celebration is carried out in grand style. Weddings, more often than not, are arranged by the families, rather than the bride and groom. ‘Arranged marriage,’ as it’s known is society-sanctioned and conducted with much fanfare. While its opposite, ‘love marriage,’ is not as popular, it is fast gaining in numbers and acceptance. Weddings tend to be celebrations on an epic scale and sometimes last days.

One of the many things one can associate with India is colour. This is true for the clothes men and women wear on a daily basis. While the sari is ubiquitous, the biggest brands in the world have made their presence felt in the country. Youngsters are devout followers of brands. Depending on the weather, you’ll find a wide range of clothes from skirts and shorts to the traditional attire. Hindu brides wear red to their wedding, a colour that has auspicious overtones. Clothes tend to be airy and loose, in keeping with the warm, often blisteringly hot tropical weather.

Indians are passionate about the movies and a typical outing with friends or family consists of a trip to the cinema, complete with popcorn and sticky colas. Movies are a huge money-spinner for the country the world over, and the many number of Indian film festivals across the world is proof of the same. India is also in love with sports, especially cricket, hockey and football.

The games are followed with great gusto and played with a lot of passion. To see how attractive the Indian market is for sports investors, just look at how American Football was introduced in India in 2011, by former athlete and coach, Mike Ditka. Now, the Elite Football League of India (EFLI) still doesn’t move so much hype as the NFL SuperBowl odds, but it is growing year after year and it currently consists of 8 franchises.

India is a country marching firmly ahead on the path to growth and industry. The IT sector is booming, e-commerce is an explosion and has opened up the world to the average customer, and the services industry is providing employment to people across socio-economic levels. India might be called a developing country, but it is a rapidly developing country.

Yes, unemployment does exist, but some of the best educational institutions in the world are present here and they have helped create a name for the Indian professional the world over. The work culture of the country is a big part of the lifestyle of the citizens. No wonder then that almost all the big names in the world of business have come to India, keen to establish a presence here.

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