Young Sheldon Review

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The Big Bang theory was an instant hit among fans & is one the most popular sitcoms ever made. The character of Sheldon Cooper had a huge part to play in making the show a hit. Never before had people seen anything like him. His mannerisms & total lack of social skills made him one of the funniest guys on TV. Jim Parsons won a fan following across the globe. He also won 4 Emmy’s & a Golden Globe for his brilliant portrayal of the much loved character.

The show’s reruns on TV continue to boast of a huge viewer base. The Big Bang Theory fans will be delighted to know that the show has been renewed for two more seasons. Thereby bringing the total number of seasons to 12. Fans of the series have seen their transition from complete nerds to not so nerdy guys.

Jim Parsons plays Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory
The awkward scientists/physicists now have gf’s/wives. The show has managed to build a lasting relationship with its viewers. It is the show which made being a nerd cool! It comes as no surprise that the makers of the hit show decided to make a spin off on the Sheldon Cooper character.
While the other guys were weird as well, no one was as weird as Sheldon Cooper. His way of knocking on the door, not getting sarcasm, lack of empathy, humility & being honest to the point of being rude have made people fall in love with the character. Like Joey in Friends, Barney in HIMYM, Sheldon was the character who was the fan favorite. It was Sheldon who was the show’s USP & the reason why viewers kept coming back for more. It was he who had all the punchlines. It comes as no surprise that the makers of the show, decide to milk the hit character.
Expectations were high from the spin off, which was a prequel to the hit show. The show gave viewers a glimpse about the growing up years of Sheldon Cooper. Iain Armitage has been cast as the 9 yr old child prodigy with a genius level IQ. His family consists of a loving mother, a brother – George who is repulsed by him, a sports coach dad & a fraternal twin sister – Missy. The first episode has Sheldon join High School in his elder brother class, thanks to him skipping four grades. His exploits lead to unsavory situations for his coach dad & brother. Goes without saying that all his teachers & classmates hate him because of his lack of humility, snitching on everyone & his condescending attitude towards others.
It pains us to say that while we are huge fans of the original, we were totally disappointed by the prequel. Firstly the casting of Young Sheldon is totally off the mark. Iain Armitage is wrongly cast for the titular role.
Iain Armitage as the Young Sheldon
YOUNG SHELDON is a new half-hour, single-camera comedy created by Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro, that introduces “The Big Bang Theory’s” Sheldon Cooper (Iain Armitage), a 9-year-old genius living with his mother (Zoe Perry), father and two siblings in East Texas and going to high school.
While he does try his best given his tender age, he is not able to do justice to the role. He doesn’t convince us that he is the “Young Sheldon”. The jokes lack punch & sound dull. The situations Sheldon gets into are not humorous. While Big Bang Theory has funny one liners a dime a dozen you will have to really look for a good joke in Young Sheldon.
There is no laugh track in the show. But the show does have a Sheldon track voiced by Jim Parsons. While we generally watch the entire season before posting reviews, just saw the first 3 episodes in this case, before concluding that this show just doesn’t work for us. We really wanted to like the show, but we just couldn’t. Would recommend this show only if you are a die hard Sheldon fan.

Our Rating: */5 stars


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