Akshay Denies Rumors

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Akshay Kumar has denied rumors of chartering a flight for his sister & kids. Read our article by Purvi for more details!

Akshay Kumar warned legal action against false reports of booking charter fight for sister. Akshay has denied reports stating that he has booked a charter flight for his kids and sister. He called the news fake from the start to the end.
Akshay tweeted on Sunday evening, ‘this news about me booking a charter flight for my sister and kids id fake from start to end. She has not traveled anywhere since the lockdown and she has only one child. Contemplating legal action, enough of putting up with false, concocted reports!’
Akshay has also shared the link to a news report published by a portal that claims that the actor booked a 186-seater aircraft as a chartered flight for his sister to travel from Delhi to Mumbai. The report further says that in that flight, Akshay’s sister, her kids and their domestic helper traveled along with four crew members, two pilots and one additional crew member.
There were several fake reports surrounding the actor. It was via his tweet that he took this to social media. And I think it is a good thing that he did. If he hasn’t done something wrong, social media is the platform to convey that.

Recently we also heard about the death of Wajid Khan of the duo Sajid-Wajid. He passed away on 31 May, 2020 suffering from heart and kidney problems. Sajid confirmed to the news agency that his brother died of cardiac arrest.

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