Amazon Prime Demands Exclusive Screening Of Coolie No.1

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With the onset of the debilitating pandemic and the ensuing lockdown, a multitude of film produces diverted their attention to several OTT platforms for earning their bread and butter. Films like Gunjan Saxena, Sadak 2, Laxmii, and Chhalaang, which were supposed to release on big screens, were released on OTT platforms like Dinsey+Hotstar and Amazon Prime. Some films received positive feedback and filled the pockets of the involved stakeholders, whereas some films had to face the downhill journey. Unfortunately, films like Laxmii and Sadak 2 belong to the latter category. Laxmii gained a massive viewership on its first day but failed to attract a large group of viewers on the second day, which was a major setback for the digital and entertainment stakeholders.

Be that as it may, Laxmii is not the only movie that failed to gain the expected amount of subscription for the OTT platform, there has been a litany of other movies as well since the start of the lockdown. This trend has influenced various OTT platforms, like Amazon Prime are demanding exclusive screening of Coolie No.1 for their internal content team and to increase the number of subscriptions. Other platforms are looking forward to the advance-screening of the films before deciding its prize.

The decision of the OTT platforms to buy a film based upon its credibility and authenticity of its content and not the face value has left many film producers with the option of releasing the films on the big screens for recovering their investment. This shift towards content-friendly movies was preceded by feature films especially in unprecedented times like COVID 19 by the OTT platforms. It would also be marked by the change of getting more non-A-list stars getting OTT players, quite unlike the accepted trend during the pandemic. These platforms are more hooked to increasing the number of subscriptions for consequent seasons, therefore, they are more inclined towards following this clear business model.

With consequent failures and setbacks of films which were expected to earn prodigious subscription, the stakeholders of OTT platforms have opened their eyes and decided to conduct advance screening of films before deciding its prize, which could be solely decided based upon its content.

Drop your comments on how this major shift will turn out for the films!

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