Summer Skincare Routine: How to take Care of your Skin this Summer?


Unless you have flawless skin that is always clear, peaceful, and composed (in which case, we're so envious), it's probable that your skincare routine changes depending on the season. Unbelievably, summer is finally approaching. Also, it's crucial to focus on skin changing and taking care of our wheatish skin tone as we get ready for summer Fridays, beach days, and travel. SPF is obviously essential in the summer, but you also need other products to complete your hydrating, protecting, and glow-inducing armoury.

While summer is a wonderful time to bask in the sun, it can also be difficult on your skin. Your skin can become damaged by the heat, humidity, and UV rays, leading to early ageing, sunburns, and breakouts. Follow a good skincare routine throughout the summer to maintain it healthy and bright. As a result, we've put together the best summer skincare routine that will make your skin positively gleam!

How Does Summer Affect Your Skin?

Your skin may experience both good and bad effects from the summer. On the one hand, vitamin D, which is necessary for good skin, can be given to your skin by the sun and increased outdoor exercise. The heat, humidity, and UV rays of summer, on the other hand, can also harm your skin.

Your skin may produce extra oil as a result of heat and humidity, which can result in outbreaks and acne. Moreover, perspiration can result in the accumulation of debris and germs on your skin, which can create clogged pores and additional breakouts. Sun exposure can result in sunburns, early ageing, and even skin cancer.

Summer can aggravate pre-existing skin disorders including rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis in addition to these negative consequences. It's crucial to take good care of your skin during the summer because the increased heat and sweat can cause flare-ups and irritation.

How to treat your Wheatish Skin Tone nicely?

It's crucial to take care of your skin in the summer if you have a wheatish skin tone. Using sunscreen with a high SPF to protect your skin from UV rays is one of the most important precautions. If you plan to spend a lot of time in the sun, pick a sunscreen that is designed exclusively for people with wheatish skin tone and reapply it every two hours.

You must moisturise your skin with a mild, non-greasy moisturiser in addition to using sunscreen. This will help to keep your skin hydrated without making it oily. To eliminate grime, perspiration, and oil accumulation from your skin, use a mild cleanser. While strong scrubs and exfoliants might irritate and harm your skin, avoid using them.

Finally, consume a lot of water to maintain healthy, moisturised skin. You may take good care of your wheatish skin tone in the summer and enjoy healthy, beautiful skin by following these straightforward tips.

Step-By-Step Guide of Summer Skincare Routine

In comparison to the winter, when we focus on moisture and irritation relief, in the summer we normally concentrate on sun protection, oil production, and exfoliation. You see, a lot of skin issues arise during the summer. So how can you get your face ready for the next days of sunshine? We've outlined the step-by-step instructions for maintaining beautiful skin in the heat to assist you in perfecting your summer skincare routine.

Step 1: Cleanse Using A Light Facial Cleanser!

It's crucial to choose a gentle, mild face cleanser that is either milk- or gel-based, regardless of your skin type. Such cleansers will thoroughly cleanse your skin without removing its natural oils. For summer skincare, a non-foaming cleanser is best because it stops your skin from drying out even more.

Step 2: Exfoliate To Slough Off Dead Skin Cells

The only thing you should get rid of this season should not be your bulky winter gear. You also need to remove your winter skin, which is dry and drab. Sloughing off the layers of skin that might have accumulated during cooler days is necessary. For the upcoming warmer days, it is ideal to incorporate moderate chemical exfoliants into your summer skincare routine. But remember that over-exfoliating your skin might cause irritation and inflammation. If you have dry skin, exfoliate once a week or twice a week.

Step 3: Inclusion of Antioxidants

Antioxidant serums should be a part of your skincare routine. For your skin, antioxidants are wonderful. They hydrate your skin a tonne and shield it from the elements. It increases the amount of collagen in your skin and keeps it tight and firm. Using an antioxidant serum on your skin is a fantastic approach to lessen fine wrinkles, discoloration, and other effects of UV ray damage.

Step 4: Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Always drink plenty of water in the summer. Using a moisturising face mask after washing your face at night will add additional hydration while you sleep. Carry a face spray or frequently spritz your skin with water to keep it feeling fresh.

Step 5: Wear Sunscreen

UV-A and UV-B radiation from the sun can be quite damaging. These can result in premature ageing, age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles in addition to giving you a hard tan. Even if you spend the most of the summer indoors, a decent sunscreen with SPF 30–50 is essential for all skin types. We advise applying sunscreen often if you plan to swim.

Step 6: Moisturize Well

A moisturising product is necessary for summertime skin protection. You can choose a non-greasy recipe based on the kind of your skin. So be on the lookout for ingredients like antioxidants like vitamins A and C. A bonus is SPF; it's considerably better. After a bath, the best time to moisturise is immediately.

Step 7: Don't Forget your Eyes and Lips

Always wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays. Apply a lip balm with SPF under your lipstick and a moisturising under-eye gel on your lips. Scrub your feet to remove dead skin. If you're wearing sandals with open toes, especially, be sure to apply lotion and sunscreen to your feet as well.

Step 8: Drink Water & Eat Right

One of the most crucial things to do to improve skin health is to drink more water. In the heat, drinking extra water might help the body rid itself of pollutants. Watermelons, coconut juice, and more options are available. Green leafy veggies are also necessary to keep the body cool from within.


So, you must stick to this summer skincare routine. You must always keep in mind that preserving healthy skin begins with good nutrition. Your skin can be negatively impacted by stepping out of an air-conditioned space into the heat and vice versa, by overexposure to the sun, by swimming to keep cool, and by humidity. If looking for some natural skincare products to tackle the heat and damages caused in summer, use Organic Kitchen all-natural and fruit-based products.

The good news is that by taking appropriate care of your skin, you can assure good health, restore your skin's natural balance, and lustre. Maintain a consistent skincare routine, consume healthful foods, and turn to easy-to-use natural solutions to achieve glowing skin.




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