Top 10 hottest female indian models on instagram in 2023

Follow these Indian models on Instagram for a daily dose of glamour and beauty.


If you're looking for a way to kill time on the Internet, following some of these stunning Indian models on Instagram is a perfect option, considering how addictive the platform can be. With their exotic looks, work ethic, and overall appeal, they're guaranteed to add some glamour to your feed. Check out these 10 hot Indian models that every guy should be following for a feed full of beautiful locations, endless legs, and glamorous selfies.

1. Elena Fernandes


Elena Fernandes, a strikingly beautiful British model, has graced various editorials and runways, and is currently preparing for her debut in Bollywood. Despite her impressive academic background with a law degree from King's College London, Elena describes herself as a bookworm and always carries a book with her. Along with her stunning height and attractiveness, she is also passionate about fitness and regularly shares her workout routines on Instagram.

2. Neha Malik


With more than 3 million followers on Instagram, Neha Malik is considered one of the top Indian models on the platform in 2022. She has also starred in various album video songs as an actress. This attractive model, who is 32 years old, started her modelling career in 2012 and made her acting debut in the Hindi film "Bhanwari Ka Jaal". She stands at around 5 feet 6 inches tall and has a curvaceous figure. On her Instagram profile, you can find stunning photos of her and short workout videos that have garnered plenty of likes and comments.

3. Gauri Mehta


Gauri Mehta, a renowned Instagram influencer, fashion buyer, and model, started her career in Mumbai before moving to Dubai. Her exceptional fashion sense has earned her admiration in the industry. Gauri gained confidence at the age of 18 when she landed her first major shoot for the brand "Jack and Jones."

4. Neelam Kaur Gill


Although she is originally from London, she has earned the noteworthy achievement of becoming Burberry's first Indian model. What's even more impressive is that she's only 27 years old! Therefore, it promises to be a highly glamorous experience to witness London and the backstage runway from her unique perspective.

5. Radhika Seth


Once again, Radhika Seth, a popular Indian model on Instagram, has caused a stir with her recent photo uploads. In the pictures, she can be seen flaunting her stunning physique in a captivating red bikini, drawing admiration from both her fans and acquaintances. Besides modeling, Radhika is also an actress and art director and has starred in movies like Call My Agent (2021) and Muffin (2014).

6. Nidhhi Agerwal


Nidhhi Agerwal is an indispensable name on the list of the most attractive Indian models. She marked her Bollywood debut in 2017 with the film Munna Michael and has quickly established herself in both Bollywood and the South. Her mesmerizing beauty, characterized by incredibly soft skin, has undoubtedly contributed to her success, leaving anyone who sees her spellbound.

7. Ashika pratt


After leaving Auckland and returning to India, this beautiful woman explored the modeling industry and has now become its most sought-after model. Her Instagram account showcases her career in New York and is filled with captivating imagery. Her face is also perfect for taking selfies.

8. Ketika Sharma


Ketika Sharma, a well-known Indian model, is ranked 8th among the hottest models on Instagram in 2022. Her Instagram account boasts 2.1 million followers, who frequently engage with her posts through likes and comments. Apart from being a model, Ketika is also a gifted actress and singer who manages a successful YouTube channel and is recognized as a social media influencer. Known for her beauty and confidence, Ketika gained fame in India through her modeling career and particularly for her appearances in romantic movies featuring intimate scenes.

9. Shivani Narayanan


Shivani Narayanan is a well-known Indian model and actress recognized for her remarkable modeling pictures on Instagram. She predominantly works in Tamil films and television and has also featured in the reality show Bigg Boss 4 Tamil. Her followers admire her for her attractive physique, which stands at 5 feet 6 inches. She has amassed a massive following of approximately 3.5 million people from around the globe on her Instagram account.

10. Ekta Maru


Ekta Maru, a popular Indian fashion model with a considerable Instagram following, is renowned in India for her alluring photoshoots. Additionally, she won the title of Femina Style Diva in 2016 and is also a well-known fashion blogger. With her captivating persona and stunning appearance, she has amassed a following of 562k on Instagram, making her one of the most desirable Indian female models on the platform. Her flawless curves and optimistic demeanor, combined with her exceptional modelling skills, make her an outstanding model.

On Instagram, there are several Indian models who are considered some of the most attractive ones. They're recognized for their captivating body shapes, unique personalities, and attitudes, and are popular all around the globe. Their beauty is so stunning that anyone who lays eyes on them can easily be smitten.




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