Bhushan Kumar Exposed

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Sonu Nigam spoke about a certain Marina Kuwar when he threatened Bhushan Kumar in a viral video. Marina Kuwar’s interview has now surfaced on YT. Read the article for more details!

We were shocked to see the usually well behaved Sonu Nigam take on music mogul Bhushan Kumar in a video that has since gone viral. In the video, Sonu Nigam is seen referring to Armaan Mallik over the nepotism debate in the music industry. He then takes on Bhushan Kumar & reminds him how Bhushan used to plead Sonu for favors when he had just taken over his father’s business.

If Sonu is to be believed Bhushan used to plead to him to save him from Abu Salem, to introduce him to the Thackerays & to do albums for his music label. As a parting note, Sonu asked Bhushan to not meddle in his affairs, or he else he would release a video about Marina Kuwar.

People were left wondering who this Marina Kuwar is. We too tried to find out about her. While everybody had an idea about what Sonu was referring to, nobody could write about it as there was no evidence.

Bhushan Kumar’s wife then retaliated, by calling Sonu ungrateful on social media. As luck would have it, a video in which Marina is accusing Bhushan Kumar of sexual abuse has made its way online.

Marina Kuwar alleges that Bhushan Kumar asked her to come to his office in order to sign her on for a music video. He picked her up in a Maruti Swift & took her to a place which looked more of a home. What happened next will shock the hell out of people. Bhushan is alleged to have unzipped his pants out of no where. Luckily for Marina, Bhushan’s wife called up at that very moment & she had a chance to escape.

Marina Kuwar also alleges that Sajid Khan too tried to sexually harass her.

Our readers will remember blind items about a music baron who paid off women who tried to out him. He then went on a trip to Maldives with his family & uploaded happy family pics to show the world that everything is fine. In sometime the MeToo movement too fizzled out as no big celeb took on the sleazeballs in the industry.

If rumors are to be believed Bhushan’s wife Divya Khosla Kumar is completely aware of Bhushan’s true character or the lack of it. But like all-star wives she has learned to look the other way. She is having her share fun too is our sources are to be believed.

Sushant Singh Rajput has definitely opened a can of worms. All the dirty celebs of Bollywood are now having sleepless nights. All of them are getting exposed one after the other. We hope no outsider will have to go through what Marina or any other aspiring actor or singer has had to go through.

Will Bhushan be able to escape the law again? Will celebs grow a conscience & stop working with him?

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