Bigg Boss Telugu Season4: Abijeet Gets Into A Heated Argument With Amma Rajashekhar, Akhil Nominates Monal

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The ninth week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season4 has begun on a high voltage mode with only 10 contestants left in the house. As per the latest promos that were released by the telecasting channel, Star MAA on Monday and Tuesday, it is clear that Abijeet lost his cool while nominating Amma Rajashekhar and Akhil is seen nominating his friend Monal.

Apparently the argument was about an interaction between Noel, Amma, and Avinash in Saturday’s episode. That’s when Abijeet tries to control the situation, in presence of host Nagarjuna. Amma Rajashekhar is unhappy by the fact that Abijeet was trying to support the evicted Noel.

  • And due to this, high voltage argument resulted in the exchange of words in which Amma Rajashekhar is seen saying, “a hard-working person will know”, then Abijeet slams Amma and says that even other housemates are working hard. Let’s wait and watch how the brawl unfolded.

And in the next promo released on Tuesday, the audience may witnesses the unexpected nomination. As Akhil is seen Nominating his dearest friend Monal. Monal seems heartbroken after Akhil nominates her, she may not have expected this from him.

They both have shared a very good bond since the beginning of the show.

Bigg Boss is working really hard to cut the promos and create a special curiosity among fans. The next level of drama that is shown in promos leads to the excitement of fans, waiting to know what happens next? With this, Bigg Boss is registering a good number of TRP ratings.

It is also important for the organizers to maintain the same momentum by not boring the audience with bland content.

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