Blind Item – 22nd Nov

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On days when there are no blind items printed in newspapers or magazines, we rely on our sources to give us our dose of some much needed gossip. This one is about a retired superstar cricketer. Can you guess the celeb we are talking about? Please leave a comment if you do!

Blind Item
He is one of the most loved cricketers in the country. He has several records to his name. He is worth millions & was the highest paid cricketer for more than a decade. Despite being one of the country’s biggest celebrities, with women dying to get his attention, he married his non celeb sweetheart. But, very few know that behind this carefully crafted image of being a successful cricketer, loving husband & father is a compulsive womanizer.
Sources claim, that even when he was representing the country, there used to be a steady stream of women into his hotel room, where the cricket team was accommodated. He was shrewd enough to never have an affair with a known celebrity, as that would harm his family man image. Even post retirement, he continues to bed beautiful women at his penthouse. One of his conquests include the wife of a famous industrialist.  He is known as the Tiger Woods of India, not only due to his talent on the field but off of it as well!