Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – 21st Nov

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Mumbai Mirror has written a blind item about this big shot studio boss, who also hosts his own chat show. While he is known to be cordial with everyone in the industry, bullying a channel to not reboot a chat show hosted by a veteran actress on the same network is unlike him. We are sure there were heated exchanges or taunts between the studio boss & the veteran earlier considering that it was she who was the first one to get bollywood biggies to come to her show & open up about their personal lives. The studio boss later on, launched his chat show on the same network, but got a lot of innovations to the celeb chat show formula & the show now has a cult following. Considering that the studio boss is one of the most powerful men in the business, the network may have to sideline the veteran actress.

Blind Item
WE hear a famous talk show host is trying very hard to launch her show with any channel that will take her. With television content bordering on reality TV (often unintentionally), the host’s gentle grace would be welcome relief. But alas, a spoke in her wheel is none other than a rival male talkshow host. We hear he has been using his filmi clout to keep her show from airing. When one major channel did evince interest in the lady’s chat-fest, the rival host threatened to pull his show out, taking with him a bevy of stars who show up for the channel’s awards shows. And here we thought celebrities liked a little healthy competition to keep them from getting dull.

Nicely played.

Our Guess:
Female Talkshow Host: Simi Garewal
Male Talshow Host: Karan Johar