Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Social Media Influencers – 19th Feb

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a young star who has invested in social media influencers to stay in the news & increase his popularity.

He has struggled to get where he is, he definitely will do anything it takes to make it big. Unlike star kids, this actor had to struggle to get a break in Bollywood. He has landed a few good projects, but is probably insecure about his future. His closeness to a bollywood big shot will definitely go a long way in bagging good projects. His upcoming project too is showing promise. But does the actor have it in him to make it to the very top or will he be forgotten in a few years time? Only time will tell.

His mentor has been doing his usual thing of planting stories about the actor & his other mentees(click here to read more). While earlier it was one star kid who had a crush on him, now it is two star kids who are fighting for his attention. It is a smart way of keeping all three young actors in the news. The mentor had tried this trick with three other actors as well(one girl & two boys). It has reached a point where it all looks & sounds silly. We wish actors work on honing their acting talents instead of seeking publicity.

Blind Item

THIS young actor, whose sudden rise has surprised many, has figured out a new way to keep himself in the news. Of course, rumours of love affairs and crushes abound, but it’s well known that he is actually very close to a film director. The actor has decided to invest in social media influencers these days. Their job is to tweet how cute they find him and how awesome he is in his latest film. Fans for sale? Isn’t everything these days?

Our Guess

Young Actor: Kartik Aaryan


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