Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – The Bully – 3rd May

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a senior actor who is a big bully on the sets of an upcoming action film.

He never really had a solo hit in his career. He is married with two kids. His son is embroiled in a suicide case. Despite being married, he has had several extra marital affairs. One of whom is a Bollywood “Queen”. He was rumored to have raped his ex-gf’s maid. He regularly gets into brawls at pubs, post getting drunk. Despite all this he wife continues to stand by him.

While he has little or no acting talent to boast of, he has survived in Bollywood for a long time. It is all thanks to his closeness to several Bollywood biggies. Some say that he is close to the underworld as well. His son’s gf who committed suicide hinted at him being the reason behind the drastic move. Karma does its own sweet time to strike!

Blind Item
YOUNG actors in this upcoming action film are really not having a good time on the sets. The on-location shoot seems to be a lot of fun, and the young guns are all treated well by the unit. But it seems that a senior actor, who also plays a leading role in the film, has been a relentless bully. He keeps hurling insults at them, while pretending to be joking, and even tells them they can’t act (the last time he said that, one of the youngsters wanted to remind him he’s never had a hit himself), and even throws cold water on them on freezing days. Will someone tell the older bloke that ragging is so passé?

Our Guess
Movie: Race3
Senior Actor: Aditya Panscholi
Young Actors: Saqib Saleem, Freddy Daruwala

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