Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – Late Music Mogul – 8th Sept

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine, about the planned biopic of a late music mogul.

This actor’s personal life doesn’t seem to interfere with his professional life. Despite all the disruptions in his personal life, his focus on his craft is unwavering. His mistress recently posed with his wife at a party thrown at their house. It surprised a lot of people. What few know is that the wife & the mistress had a huge fight, which ended with the wife asking the mistress to leave the party. It must be annoying to not just look the other way, but to pose happily with the husband’s mistress as well!(click here to read more).

But we have little doubt that the movie will be phenomenal if the superstar decides to star in it. After he he has the best track record at the box office. He will surely cast his mistress in a role. There will be long script reading sessions between the two for sure 😉

Blind Item
There’s been talk about a biopic on the life of this music baron for some time now, but after a top star attached to play the late mogul exited the project citing “creative differences”, it looked unlikely that the producer (who happens to be the son of the aforesaid baron) might be able to get the film off the ground. Then the name of Bollywood’s most credible A-lister began floating around with regards to the film, and it looked like the producer may have pulled off a coup. But the excitement was short-lived. Insiders say the A-lister lost interest in the film.

Now, however, we have it on good authority that the project has been revived, and that the A-lister will not only star in it, but also produce it. (It is unclear yet whether the baron’s son will co-produce with the actor.) Among other things, the actor was uncomfortable initially about the possible backlash he could face given the spiritual undertones in the story, and the fact that he belonged to a different caste himself. But when he took over producing responsibilities, the script also reportedly underwent a rewrite.

Understandably there has been speculation whether the script will objectively address controversial but crucial aspects of its subject’s life. (Especially since the project was the brainchild of the baron’s son.) But insiders say the film’s writer-director, who has been spending time with the A-lister at his outstation farmhouse lately, hasn’t skimped on any of the prickly bits.

Our Guess:
Music Baron: Gulshan Kumar
Biopic: Mogul
A-lister: Aamir Khan