Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – Off Screen Love – 27th July

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item about the blossoming off screen love story of these two debutantes whose movie together has turned out to be a hit.

This new couple has been the subject of several blind items. Given Rajeev Masand’s penchant for writing about Shahid Kapoor & his family, we were expecting this one(click here to read more).

This couple must be heaving a sigh of relief, now that their movie together is a hit. While this movie was produced by a Bollywood biggie with a keen sense on what works & what doesn’t. It remains to be seen whether they are able to replicate this success with other production houses.

Blind Item
As it turns out, the answer to the niggling question, ‘Are they dating?’ is ‘yes’. For some weeks now, there have been whispers, not to mention open speculation in Mumbai tabloids, about whether the two are romantically involved. Recently launched together in a Hindi movie, the couple have revealed terrific chemistry off screen.

Insiders at the studio that has produced the film say the pair—who started out as strangers, then became friends—‘got close’ during the film’s making ‘as most newcomers do’. One source points out that the experience of making one’s first film is so unique and challenging that two people going though it at the same time inevitably find themselves drawn together.

The source adds that the two may be infatuated with each other for the moment, but like another pair launched by the same studio some years ago, they are likely to drift apart as they move on to other projects. Apparently, the young actors in question have made no promises of undying, lifelong companionship. “They’re mature and intelligent and they understand that they have long lives and careers ahead, and that nothing is permanent,” says the source.

Our Guess
Couple: Ishan Khatter & Janhvi Kapoor

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