My Experience Watching ‘Dil Bechara’

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Purvi tells how she felt while watching Sushant Singh Rajput’s final movie – Dil Bechara. Have you guys seen it yet?

Dil Bechara is a movie that many of us were waiting for. I mean why not? It is the last time we would see Sushant Singh Rajput on-screen giving an amazing performance as always. the movie took me from smiling at Sushant’s joke to crying on his death. The movie was released yesterday (24th July 2020) at 7:30 pm on Disney+ Hotstar. The movie is a remake of the movie ‘The Fault in Our Stars’. The movie is full of love, happiness and emotions.
The movie begins with Kizzie (Sanjana Sanghi) telling her story about how she wanted to live a normal life but couldn’t because of her thyroid cancer. You won’t see Kizzie smile until Manny (Sushant) enters her life. Manny also suffers from cancer but he is a very lively, happy, and loving person. He always makes jokes about everything and makes Kizzie smile a little. This started their love story and it was one of the most amazing love stories you will ever come across. The movie proves that it is not about how long your life is, it’s about how you live your life.
Kizzie always tried to distance Manny from her to not hurt in at the end but nothing could keep him away from her. They travel o Paris to fulfill Kizzie’s only wish to meet Abhimanyu Veer (Saif Ali Khan). Abhimanyu Veer was a singer who sung an unfinished song. And Kizzie wanted to know the end of the song. The last twenty minutes of the movie is so emotional, I couldn’t stop my tears. A part of me kept reminding me how it was the last time I would see Sushant. Manny dies because of his cancer but leaves a letter for Kizzie which gives her to live. There is probably no better instance of art imitating life If you haven’t watched the movie yet, so you definitely do. It is a must-watch movie. I will miss you Sushant!

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