Is it Safe to Bet on Crickex from India?



Cricket betting has been in business for quite a long time now. People of India, where the game of cricket is just like a religion, bets on it on a large scale. Though the legality of betting on cricket was always a point of argument.

Now, with the advent of technology the betting world has changed enormously. Due to the introduction of online bookmakers, it is quite easy to place bets. However, those examples of online betting platforms are a mixture of both legal bookmakers and those which scam people. In fact, some websites just use this for the purpose of money laundering.

But, bookmakers like Crickex is definitely best for legal betting. These are well established and reliable online betting websites.


Whenever one wants to check whether or not the bookmaker is offering legal betting options, just make sure they have the license to accept and entertain bets. However, there are websites which lie about the license. Thus you must verify on your own with the license number they provide. You can easily trace it only and find out if it really belongs to them.

However in the case of crickex, you need not to worry at all. Though they are not certified from India. But I have the license from Curacao Gaming Commission. And gladly, this is valid in India too.

So, if you want to proceed with cricket betting or any other sports betting through Crickex in India, it is completely safe to do so.

Depositing and withdrawing the money