Top 10 Indian Documentaries To Watch On Netflix In 2023

1. Limitless – A Documentary on Women and Running

There is such a plethora of options available to watch that it can be challenging to decide on which one is worth your time. With fiction taking precedence over reality, it has been hard for documentaries to gain recognition. However, with a shift in trends, Netflix has some great Indian documentaries that have been met with enthusiasm by viewers. Here is a list of the top Indian documentaries to watch on Netflix.

1. Limitless – A Documentary on Women and Running 

If you're looking for a source of motivation and want to stop being a couch potato, then you should watch this documentary. It features eight Indian women who must grapple with society's expectations and self-doubts and how they overcome these obstacles by taking up running. The message of this documentary is that running can be a great tool to boost your self-image and confidence. The inspiring stories of these ordinary women runners will surely be worth your time and should be on your watchlist!

2. Period. End of Sentence. 

This film has already achieved the highest recognition by winning the 'Best Documentary (Short Subject)' at the 91st Academy Awards and was created with the intention of paying homage to Arunachalam Muruganantham, a social activist from Tamil Nadu. The documentary chronicles the silent revolution initiated by the women of Hapur, who were taught to use a machine to produce biodegradable sanitary pads at a cost-effective rate, which they then distribute to other women at affordable costs. Through this story, the film seeks to break the stigma surrounding menstruation in India.

3. Ladies First

This documentary chronicles the life of internationally renowned archer Deepika Kumari, who hails from Ratu, a village in Jharkhand. Despite the struggles with poverty and the oppressive patriarchy, she managed to excel in archery and achieve the 9th spot in the world rankings. At one point, she was even the number one archer in the world! Her story is uplifting and inspiring, and demonstrates that it is possible to lift oneself from obscurity and achieve one's dreams.

4. Beyond All Boundaries

This documentary revolves around three intense cricket fans and the 2011 World Cup, along with the making of sacrifices they undertake as a result of their devotion to the sport. One of these individuals is 'Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary', a major fan of Sachin Tendulkar who attends all his matches with his unique tricolor body paint. The other two are a female player and a young prodigy. This film is for all cricket fanatics, it is about the emotions, passion, and love for the sport, especially in India, which is almost like a religion.

5. Rubaru Roshni

A documentary film featuring Indian stories, narrated by Aamir Khan, provides a first-person account of the violence that resulted in the deaths of Lalit Maken and his wife, Mariam Vattalil, and the 2008 Mumbai attacks. The film is a collection of tales about the grieving process and how the protagonists eventually found solace and strength to continue living.

6. Celluloid Man

Celluloid Man is based on the renowned Indian archivist P. K. Nair and his role as the founder of the National Film Archive of India and the "Guardian of Indian Cinema". The documentary delves into the life and accomplishments of Nair, who saved 1700 films from the silent era, with only nine remaining due to his hard work. It provides viewers with insight into the significance of preserving visual arts and was extremely well-received, shown at 50 film festivals.

7. A Suitable Girl

A Suitable Girl is a film that depicts the journeys of three Indian women attempting to follow their goals while facing the growing demand to marry. Ritu, Dipti, and Amrita are educated, financially independent, and of a steady financial standing, yet their lives take a drastic turn when the pressure to wed intensifies. This documentary provides a glimpse into the intricate relationships between marriage, family, and culture, as well as the struggles of attempting to live life as one wishes in spite of societal expectations.

8. My Friend Hussain

This documentary follows the life and legacy of MF Hussain, the renowned and globally acclaimed artist referred to as the 'Picasso of India'. It illustrates his artistic journey, his triumphs, adversities and the relationships he cultivated. Through interviews with his peers, associates and admirers, this docu-feature paints a vivid picture of his lifestyle and brings together all the components of his life.

9. Placebo

Placebo is a captivating and mysterious movie that discloses the unseen aspects of the Indian educational system and delves into the causes and problems related to student suicides in India. It is based on All India Institute of Medical Sciences, after the brother of the protagonist suffers an arm injury and loses muscle control. A story that reveals the damaging effects of competition on students, and should be watched by every Indian student, parent, and educator.

10. Inshallah, Football 

In Inshallah, Football, the main focus is on the hardships faced by an 18-year-old Kashmiri football player as he strives to make his dreams of playing in Brazil come true. Despite being selected to play in Brazil, he is unable to pursue his dream due to his father being a former militant, leaving him unable to obtain a passport from the Indian government. This film highlights the obstacles between the current and past generations when it comes to dreaming, and that achieving one's goals does not always come easily.




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