Top 10 Malayalam Movies On OTT In 2022


In India, Mollywood is noted for producing high-quality films with innovative concepts. Malayalam films are both enjoyable and interesting to see. In recent years, a number of films have achieved the heights of blockbuster success. Because we are all trapped indoors because to the epidemic, here are some of the best Malayalam movies to watch on the internet.

1. Drishyam 2 (2021) on Prime Video

Jeethu Joseph wrote and directed the first part of the sequel "Drishyam," which was a blockbuster hit in 2013. Mohanlal, Meena, Asha Sharath, and Siddique starred as the key protagonists in this crime thriller. The plot revolved around a murder inquiry in which a family is endangered, and the protagonist, played by Mohanlal, Georegekutty, defends his family. Drishyam 2, which was released in 2021, appears to be a wonderful follow-up to the original film. The entire scenario makes us worry if Georgekutty and Rani, his wife, will make it to the end with their girls. Jeethu Joseph has done a fantastic job depicting the life of a lower middle-class family living in a tiny town.

2. Irul (2021) on Netflix

Due to a car breakdown, a couple seeks assistance from a stranger and later encounters unexpected thrilling occurrences in a vast property. Alex Parayil, a dark novelist, and Archana Pillai, a lawyer, are both hardworking professionals who choose their phones above their date with their partner. The pair is trapped, and there's a body in the basement, as well as a portrait of a woman whose death is unknown. This film was made during the pandemic, with all necessary precautions taken to prevent COVID-19 from spreading.

3. The Great Indian Kitchen (2021) on Prime Video

The title of this film may lead you to believe that it is about Karela's culturally delectable cuisine, but it is actually about all the housewives who devote their entire lives to their husbands and children. Although the characters in this film are not named, Nimisha Sajayan plays the protagonist. The film depicts the life of an archetypal Indian wife for the Indian audience. In this film, Jeo Baby's narrative is slow to show what transpires in the huge Indian kitchens.

4. Kappela (2020) on Netflix

Mohammed Musthafa's first feature film, Kappela, marks his directorial debut. The plot centres around a misdialed phone call that leads to a lovely love affair. Jessy (Anna Ben) contacts the wrong number by accident, which brings the storey to Vishnu (Roshan Mathew), an auto driver. They began to fall in love and decided to meet in Kozhikode. Roy (Sreenath Bhasi), a stranger from Kannur who arrives unexpectedly in Kozhikode, affects their lives. This trio has a unique synergy that gives the audience an unforgettable experience while watching the film.

5. C U Soon (2020) on Prime Video

Mahesh Narayanan had a brilliant idea to use the pandemic's limitations to make a film that would be exhibited on screens. Jimmy Kurian (Roshan Mathew) met Anu Sebastian (Darshana Rajendran) on an online dating app and planned to marry her as soon as possible. Kevin (Fahadh Faasil), Jimmy's cousin, was requested to conduct a background check on Anu by digging into her social life. Anu abruptly vanished just as everything seemed to be going well. This film was able to become a smash solely due to the outstanding performances of the three key actors.

6. Sufiyum Sujatayum (2020) on Prime Video

Many Malayalam films have been made based on unfinished love tales owing to religious differences. This film appears to be based on the same concept as the previous one, but with a different execution. Sujatha (Aditi Rao Hydari) is a deafeningly beautiful mute girl who falls in love with a Sufi saint named Dev Mohan. Her father does not approve of her feelings and marries her to Rajeev, an NRI (Jayasurya). Sujatha comes with her husband ten years later to attend Sufi's funeral rites, which adds a twist to the tale. The lesson that religion is only a personal viewpoint is carefully conveyed throughout the storey.

7. Uyare (2019) on Netflix

This film deviates from the stereotype of a Mollywood film in which the hero is the central character. The heroine is the main character in this novel, and her storey inspires the audience. Pallavi Raveendran, who is played by Parvathy, aspires to be a pilot and is dating Govind (Asif Ali). Govind, who is highly possessive of her, opposes her enrolling in an aviation academy. Govind strikes Pallavi with acid, and the narrative takes a deadly turn. Her survival is depicted in the film, as well as how she continues to pursue her passion.

8. Mayanadi (2017) on Jiocinema

Mayanadi was written and directed by Aashiq Abu, who never fails to elicit excitement from his audiences with his films. His storey execution has been praised as one of Mollywood's most magnificent masterpieces. He has demonstrated how two lead performers can carry a tale forward on their own, just as he did in this picture. After working as a mule driver for a gang, Mathan (Tovino) manages to flee the Tamil Nadu police. In Kochi, he meets his girlfriend Aparna (Aishwarya Rai) to revive their passion, but he is apprehended by the cops. The rest of the storey depicts how they survive and make life decisions.

9. Love (2020) on Netflix

Khalid Rahman wrote and directed the film Love, which was released in 2020. It's a psychological thriller about a married couple who are constantly at odds with one another. The film's violent scenes and harsh speech depict their dispute. Deepthi (Rajisha Vijayan) is a wife who is fed up with her husband's habits. Anoop (Shine Tom Chacko), who is a heavy drinker. All of the dark and violent features of a toxic relationship are depicted in this storey. Despite the fact that the entire film is full of twists and mysterious characters, the finale provides a sense of fulfilment to the audience.

10. Joji (2021) on Prime Video

Dileesh Pothan directed Joji, which was released in 2021. The storey is secondary to the characters in the film. Macbeth is thought to have influenced the narrative. It's a psychological thriller film in which Jomon, Jaison, and Joji, the three sons of a powerful and wealthy patriarch, treat him with reverence but also terror. Joji is the pratogonist, who strives to be wealthy and takes steps that lead to unexpected happenings in his family.




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