Top 10 Sitcoms On Netflix India Ever Till 2022

Top 10 Sitcoms On Netflix India Ever Till 2022

Relationships, families, love, and life are all topics that I'm interested in. With a sitcom, there is rarely just one reason to watch, fall in love, and repeat the process.

Sitcoms are an unmissable part of our routine viewing in the present binge-watching era, and we frequently find ourselves watching reruns or getting hooked on something new and original!

Today, we've put together an intriguing combination of sitcoms that symbolise new-old, classic-modern, love-friendships, and everything in between. Continue reading to discover a fantastic world of laughter!

We've compiled a list of the best English-language sitcoms on Netflix India.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

With a cast of characters that are all unique, Brooklyn Nine-Nine offers fans a police comedy unlike any other. Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) is a brash NYPD detective at the 99th Precinct whose attitude on crime and life is diametrically opposed to his commanding officer, a solemn Captain Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher).

Every episode is based on a specific case that the detectives are solving in their own amusing ways, but it is also linked in the background as the characters go about their daily lives.

Having said that, keep an eye out for Hitchcock and Scully, two characters you've probably never heard of before! Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of Netflix's top sitcoms.

The End of the F***ing World

This dark comedic drama centred on James (Alex Lawther), a youngster who believes he is a psychopath, has received wonderful reviews across the internet.

He's had enough of killing animals as a hobby and chooses to murder a human person. He meets Alyssa (Jessica Barden) on a road trip and uses her for his purposes. Alyssa, to track out her father, and James, who is plotting to murder her.

As you binge-watch the episodes, the characters entice you to the screen, gently building an unorthodox love storey. This dark comedy is weird, humorous, and visually stunning; don't miss it!

Never Have I Ever

Netflix's new original, based in America but with a desi heart, has made it onto this list. The programme follows Devi (MaitreyiRamakrishnan), a freshman in college who is dealing with two tragedies at the same time.

She loses her father and the use of her legs, only to find herself in a desperate predicament to improve her social standing. Paxton, her blue-eyed crush, and Ben, her academic nemesis, are two male characters in the classroom who provide complexity to the plot and make it flow smoothly.

The protagonist's stern mother and her cousin, who is secretly in a relationship, are two additional notable characters.

Fuller House

This Netflix original chronicles the lives of D.J. Tanner Fuller (Candace Cameron Bure), a widowed mother of three children, and is a sequel to the classic 1987 television series Full House.

She moves in with her father to live in her childhood home after her husband's death. Stephanie's sister and best friend, Kimmy, accompany D.J. on the journey of parenting three boys. If you can get over the slow start, the show develops into a full-fledged plot.

In the Fuller household, mayhem, emotions, and joy run rampant as the three parental figures embark on the adventure of raising three young boys through thick and thin.

Sex Education

Perhaps, in recent times, this is Netflix's most talked-about comedic drama centred on LGBTQ issues, sexual knowledge, and other topics from today's society. A colourful cast of individuals leads you through the ups and downs of their life in a small village.

The focus is mostly on Otis (Asa Butterfield), a young lad suffering with puberty issues while also being a fantastic advisor to his classmates on matters of love, sex, and the like.

Dr. Jean (Gillian Anderson) is his mother, a professional sex therapist who is naturally forthright about issues that are normally taboo in society. On this educational roller coaster, there's plenty of laughter, plot twists, and awareness. It's also accessible on Netflix India in Hindi.

Two and a half Men

If there was ever a sitcom that needed a dictionary definition, it would be this one. This humorous drama, set against the lovely backdrop of beach-y Malibu, follows the lives of colourful Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen), an affluent jingle writer and drunkard.

Alan (Jon Cryer), his brother, is a divorced parent who supports his awkward son Jake. Through their everyday behaviours, the three bachelors provide viewers with plenty of laughter. Charlie, who has several female admirers, is arrogant and harsh, doesn't believe in partnerships, but nevertheless has a soft heart, is at the centre of the plot across the seasons.

Watch this gem for the most amazing situational comedy situations ever created on film.

That 70s Show

As the title suggests, this period comedy depicts the lives of six adolescent pals in 1970s America. Stoners, feminists, outsiders, and other types of people are among the cast of characters. Eric (Topher Grace) lives with his parents and sister in the Forman residence, which is the focus of the show.

The majority of the scenes churned up due to ordinary occurrences focus around his friends and neighbours, which is a delightful throwback to 1970s America.

The plot is tightly threaded with a load of laugh moments, and the characters are well dressed in fads and fashions of the age.

The Big Bang Theory

The sitcom that included science, technology, physics, and astronomy humour strewn across episodes with sharp sarcasm, situations, and life decisions had geeks raving.

The sitcom follows the lives of Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper, two Caltech physicists who share a flat. Howard Wolowitz, an aviation engineer, and Raj Koothrappali, an astronomer, are two of their socially introverted friends.

Every episode, like most traditional shows, focuses on a single issue to which the characters react, and there is a subtle lengthy connection centred on the characters' personal romantic life. The nerdy jibes and interesting facts delivered as funny punches are the highlights of this smash sitcom.

Workin’ Moms

Aside from American and British hits, this list also includes a Canadian hit. This film, which is slightly out of its league, follows the lives of four different working mothers in their 30s who are friends.

Working parents attempting to combine their careers, love lives, and families will resonate with today's working class!

We've all felt in their shoes when, after a long day at work, they can't kick back, relax, and watch TV because they have family duties at home. Apart from humour, the show also speaks to its audience on mother-child bonding, marital troubles, and parental identity challenges in its trademark style. 


Wasn't it inevitable that this one would make the cut? You can binge-watch all of the episodes of this evergreen, multi-blockbuster smash on Netflix for the nth time. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. immerses you in the lives of five friends who come from diverse backgrounds but share a profound understanding of each other's hardships in a big metropolis.

They quarrel, make fun of each other, fall in love, separate, reunite, and pretty much do everything that normal adults do throughout the course of ten seasons. And it's because of this that the show still manages to connect with its audience! The ancient city themes are still popular with audiences all across the world, and we suggest this sitcom as "The One That Beats All Others..."




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