Top 10 Tollywood Telugu Adult Movies Till 2022


The Telugu cinema industry has traditionally been wary of displaying romantic sequences on the big screen. When it comes to discussing and showing controversial topics in the movie, there have also been limitations imposed by the censor board or society in general. However, times have changed, and today's Indian audiences are far more comfortable watching and appreciating explicit content in a movie theatre. As a result, a slew of Telugu adult films have recently been released and received positive reviews. 

A film is given an Adult classification for a variety of reasons. Sex scenes, adult jokes, and double-meaning dialogue are just a few examples of what makes a film A-rated. These are included in the movie. In general, the themes of these films are appropriate for mature audiences. Here's the whole Telugu hot movies list if you're eager to indulge in your guilty desires.

1)Chikati Gadilo Chithakotudu (2019):

Chikati Gadilo Chithakotudu is the first Telugu adult film, and it belongs to the adult comedy genre. The plot is straightforward. For a vacation, two couples travel to Bangkok. However, the hotel where they are staying is haunted, and the ghost there is a sexless woman who only wants to sleep with the two virgin heroes.

The plot is amusing, and the film is chock-full of sexually suggestive double meaning speech that will delight the young audience. The actors do an excellent job representing the many characters. Santosh P. Jayakrishna directed the picture, which you should see if you wish to enjoy an adult humour with your friends or lover.

2)RX 100 (2018):

RX 100 is a film directed by Ajay Bhupathi about Shiva (Karthikeya) falling in love with Indu (Payal Rajput), the daughter of a local politician. Their love journey is filled with passionate moments, all of which are sensually represented on screen by the two performers, until events force them apart. This shocks Shiva, who becomes furious and self-destructive as a result.

In this Telugu adult film, the actors give justice to the characters, who are well represented. There are a lot of bold scenes between the couple, making it a breath-taking watch that definitely ranks at the top of the Telugu hot movies list.

3) Babu Baga Busy (2017):

The Hindi film "Hunterr" was remade as Babu Baga Busy. This is one of the most popular adult Telugu films, and it depicts the life of Madhav, who has various sexual encounters throughout his life before meeting the love of his life.

There are several awkward incidents in the film, and we can all relate to at least one of them. The brazen sequences are brilliantly shot, and for the most part, this film is a funny portrayal of a man's sexual experiences or failures.

4)Guntur Talkies (2016):

Guntur Talkies is a criminal comedy for adults. The plot revolves around two small criminals, Hari and Giri, who intend to make it big one day. They eventually loot a bank and flee to Goa with ten lakhs of rupees. The rest of the storey is a wonderful blend of humour and criminality.

The film contains a lot of explicit stuff. Hari, Giri, Jackie, and Revolver Rani are all well-developed characters in the film. Suvarna, despite having a limited role in the film, provides the necessary eye candy for the audience. Guntur Talkies is one of the most popular Telugu films, and it easily ranks among the top Telugu films.

5)Kumari 21F (2015):

Kumari 21F is a romance drama aimed at a younger demographic. The film follows Siddu (Raj Tharun), a middle-class man who falls in love with Kumari, a lovely girl (Heba Patel). Siddu is perplexed by her bold attitude as he tries to get closer to her. He eventually begins to distrust her character, and they break up one day.

The rest of the novel is a lovely representation of Siddu's feelings and his attempts to reclaim his love. Both performers do a good job with their roles. Raj Tharun does a fantastic job depicting Siddu's many emotions. Heba, on the other hand, gives the silver screen some energy and glitz.

6)Kamasutra Telugu (2015):

Mira Nair directed Kamasutra, a historical romantic drama that was dubbed in Telugu and released in 2015. This is one of the best Telugu erotica films, starring Indira Verma and Sarita Choudhury.

The plot revolves around two childhood buddies who grow up to be rivals. The performers do a good job portraying the characters, and there are enough of mature sequences in the film. This is undoubtedly one of the best Telugu adult films of 2015.

7)B.A. Pass Telugu (2015):

B.A. Pass is a neo-noir sexual thriller film that debuted in Hindi before being dubbed into Telugu. It portrays the narrative of a young guy who, after his parents' death, strives to provide for himself and his sisters. Shilpa Shukla's character, a cougar, is eventually presented to him. She makes him a gigolo after offering him money for her sexual enjoyment.

The narrative depicts how things can go horribly wrong. The actors do an excellent job portraying the characters, and there are plenty of steamy situations throughout the film. This is one of the best Telugu adult films that you should see.

8)Oka Romantic Crime Katha (2014):

The next film in the adult Telugu film series is Oka Romantic Crime Katha. This is an adult criminal fiction film directed by P. Sunil Kumar Reddy. Sreenu (Manoj Nandam) is a character in the film who has feelings for a girl named Bindu (Priyanka Pallavi).

Bindu, on the other hand, leaves him one day to pursue her education in Vizag. Sreenu, who is despondent, eventually follows her to Vizag. The dramatic twist occurs when he meets her and she continues to neglect him, eventually asking him to murder someone if he wants to stay with her.

9)Ee Rojullo (2012):

Ee Rojullo, directed by Maruthi Dasari, is a film about a man named Sri and a lady named Shreya who, owing to events in their lives, decide to never fall in love with the opposing sex. Things, however, take a turn for the worst, and they find up falling in love with each other.

Ee Rojullo is one of the best Telugu adult movies since it features a lot of adult scenes and conversations. The actors are also making their acting debuts. Mangal Srinivas and Reshma Rathore, who play the leads, do an excellent job of portraying the characters genuinely. The storey is somewhat standard, but it is depicted nicely in the film, making it a worthwhile watch. The film is included in the Telugu hot movies list 2012 due to its adult nature.

10)Bus Stop (2012):

Following the success of Ee Rojullo, filmmaker Maruthi returned with Bus Stop, his second adult film. The plot revolves around the life of today's youth and is aimed mostly at this age group.

Parents have a difficult time dealing with young adults when undergraduate students fall in love. The film also addresses the delicate relationship that exists between parents and their children. The storey is not about a specific couple, but rather about the lives of a group of adolescent couples.

The film has a variety of adult hot scenes and lines, the majority of them are humorous. It's a well-made film about adolescent love, and it's one of the Telugu adult films to see.




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