Anek Ending Explained

Anek Ending Explained

The movie "Anek" by Anubhav Sinha focuses on the politics of North-East India, and the struggles the people have faced since India's independence. North-Easterners have been subjected to racism in their home country, with the pandemic only exacerbating the situation.

The film attempts to bring attention to the seven sister states, where there is a constant struggle between the government and the local population. It is a crucial movie for Indians who are unaware of North-East politics, although it falls short in delivering a smooth story. The characters are shallow, the dialogue is dull, and the romance between Aman and Aido is unconvincing.

‘Anek’ Ending Explained

Aido was determined to be chosen to speak for India, but her dad, Wangnao, did not think his kin had a place in the country and he was battling for their cause. Aman was astounded when Dido, a close associate of Wangnao, requested guns from him in exchange for drugs. They had stolen the drugs from Tiger Sanga and wanted to use them for personal gain. This news made Aman aware that the Johnson group was planning to fight the police and the Tiger Sanga people on the day the peace treaty was to be signed.

Aman had befriended Aido to gain information about her father, yet simultaneously, he had begun to have feelings for her. Wangnao and his group were unaware that Aman was a cop; they thought he was a businessman wanting to invest in their war. When Tiger Sanga's men began to search for the Johnson group, Wangnao ran away from his house.

Aido had her competition to get qualified, yet her father said he had to win his own match and then left. Aman arrived at the house to drive Aido to the airport, and he attempted to be sly to find out information about her father. Aido noticed Aman taking pictures of her dad's papers and asked who he was. He revealed he wasn't Joshua, the person she assumed he was. However, he said his feelings for her were genuine, yet by that point Aido had no respect for him and told him to go away.

Aman went to locate Wangnao and revealed he was a police officer, not Joshua. Wangnao was stunned by this news. He then explained Johnson was a symbol for the north-eastern people who are constantly discriminated against by the rest of India. They only had one passageway, through West Bengal, to connect to the rest of the nation, and when that was blocked off, the north-eastern states were greatly affected.

The poor were in a very bad situation due to the conflict, while the wealthy prospered as a consequence. To make a living, people in that area resorted to selling drugs and weapons. Tiger Sanga men were involved in drug trafficking and corrupted the young. He thought that both the State and Tiger Sanga had come to understand that it is easier to keep a war going than maintain peace, leading to an everlasting struggle. His discussion with Wangnao made him reflect on what it meant to be an Indian.

Aman had intended to apprehend Wangnao and put him on trial, however his superior desired him dead. A few cops had accompanied Aman and opened fire on Wangnao and his companions. Aman managed to flee from the situation, but he was furious at Abrar Bhatt whose command had caused the incident to worsen. Abrar got in touch with Aman once more to locate Wangnao's whereabouts.

Aman was aware that the person was in hiding in Myanmar, and they had to launch a targeted attack to bring him back to the country. Abrar assigned Major Veer to assist Aman on the mission. While the soldiers wanted to kill the man, Aman suggested against it. He maintained the opinion that the laws of India should be followed, and Wangnao should be tried in a court of law.

Once they had arrived in Myanmar, they discovered that a separate militant faction had already arrived at the site and were attacking Johnson's forces. Following the death of both the belligerents, Aman moved forward to apprehend Wangnao, who then relinquished his weapon and submitted. During this time, Aido had successfully made it to the finals and was competing against a boxer from Germany.

Aman encountered Abrar Bhatt in New Delhi and gave him the data regarding Wangnao's offenses as well as Tiger Sanga's criminal record. He was convinced that if Wangnao was to be prosecuted in court, Tiger Sanga would also have to be apprehended. And if they wanted to negotiate with Tiger Sanga, they must also do the same with Wangnao. Abrar agreed with Aman's opinion, and he announced to the press about the annulment of the peace agreement after the emergence of compelling proof of Tiger Sanga's crimes. After that, the two went to a club to watch Aido's victorious match and commented on how she was the one who won in this match of chess.

Although "Anek" puts a marginalized group in the spotlight, it fails to create an interesting plot. The movie attempted to do too much and left many characters underdeveloped. For example, the Kashmiri Muslim bureaucrat, Abrar Bhatt, was not given enough development, with only a few allusions to Kashmir politics and the North-Eastern struggle. Aido was another character who was pushed to the sidelines. However, the cinematography by Ewan Mulligan was a highlight, especially the scene of Niko and his militant companions being killed in the jungle. All in all, "Anek" is worth watching for its handling of the subject matter, but it may get tedious and overwhelming as it progresses.




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