Bollywood’s Links With The Underworld & ISI

Is there any truth to the stories that Bollywood has deep links to the ISI & the underworld? Who are the culprits & who were just ignorant? Read our article to find out!
Bollywood’s Links With The Underworld & ISI

Is there any truth to the stories that Bollywood has deep links to the ISI & the underworld? Read our article to find out!

Shahrukh Called Out

I had mentioned several years back on a social media platform that a superstar with a clean image has business links with people connected to the ISI & the underworld. The information was given to me by somebody with contacts in the government. India’s ruling party at the centre – the BJP has now called out SRK on his ISI links. Shahrukh has business links with alleged ISI man & Kashmiri separatist – Tony Ashai. SRK is also involved with Rehan Siddiqui – who owns a radio station abroad that regularly espouses terrorist activity in Kashmir.

But one has to admit that Shahrukh may not have known about Tony Ashai’s Or Rehan Siddiqui’s views on Kashmir. One must not forget that it was totally normal to have business links with Pakistanis till a few years back.

Salman Khan

News channels & the public thought that Salman Khan is the underworld’s guy in Bollywood thanks to an infamous recording between Salman Khan & Aishwarya Rai. Salman denied that it was his voice on that tape. While we too have heard about this Salman’s underworld links our source informed us that the Salman is cordial to the underworld & does visit/speak to them, but has no business relations with them. We are not sure how strong Salman’s connections with the underworld are, so we would not like to comment on it any further.

I don’t know about what to make of ex-RAW agent NK Sood’s allegations about Salman Khan’s involvement in Sushant’s murder.

S. Hussain Zaidi’s Revelations

Among all celebs, it is Sanjay Dutt who seems to be in awe of the underworld. S. Hussain Zaidi – India’s best crime novelist & biographer of several underworld dons give a detailed account of Sanjay’s association with the underworld in Abu Salem’s biography. We would suggest our readers to listen to recordings of Sanjay Dutt’s conversations with D-gang & judge for themselves whether he was in any way scared while speaking to them. He used his underworld connections for his convenience. He is heard asking Chota Shakeel to set Govinda straight for being late on sets & whether “bhabhi” & the kids are doing fine.

While Abu Salem’s relationship with Monica Bedi is now common knowledge very few people know that he had an affair with a Miss Universe turned actress as well. S. Hussain Zaidi has mentioned how these underworld figures have slept with tons of struggling actresses who had no qualms with sleeping their way with these criminals in their quest for stardom.

S. Hussain Zaidi also mentions how several stars used to visit Abu Salmen during their outdoor shoots. It is alleged that Sanjay Dutt & Sanjay Gupta tried to help Chota Shakeel to kill Abu Salem. Abu Salem got wind off their plans & vowed to kill the two Sanjays. Both the Sanjays were in Goa when they were told that a “supari” has been given in their name by Salem. But someone struck a deal on Sanjay’s behalf with Salem & the hit on the two Sanjays was called off.

Sajid Nadiadwala

If Priyanka Chopra’s ex-manager – Prakash Jaju is to be believed, Sajid Nadiadwala is funded by Dawood Ibrahim & ISI. He made these allegations from his social media handle. While some claims made by him seem to be credible, we started having doubts when he mentioned that ISI funds movies through Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc!

Netflix, Amazon are global corporations who would rather exit their operations in India than work with the underworld or ISI.

We have lost count of the number of people who allege that Sajid Nadiadwala killed his 1st wife – Divya Bharati. It is alleged that he paid even the cops off. Ex-RAW agent too has mentioned this in his video. He even points us to the fact that Divya Bharati was killed barely a few months after the 1993 blasts. He goes on to allege that Divya was killed by Sajid as she threatened to expose his links with Dawood.

Aneel Mussarat

Aneel Mussarat is a British Pakistani businessman with close links to Pakistan PM Imran Khan. He has been seen in several pics with almost all of Bollywood.

It is alleged that Deepika Padukone went to the JNU protests at the behest of Aneel Mussarat – who apart from being PM Imran Khan’s friend is also connected to the ISI.

Akshay Kumar, Ranveer Singh, Karan Johar, Anil Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, etc have been clicked with the tainted businessman. It is unclear as to how Bollywood has warmed up to this businessman in such a big way. Nationalist Akshay Kumar is even seen going on a drive with Aneel Mussarat abroad.

BJP spokesperson Baijayant Panda has made it abundantly clear now that Aneel Mussarat indeed does have ISI links.

Bollywood Till The 2002

Bollywood’s nexus with the underworld is not a recent phenomenon. It is in fact an old association

Bollywood nexus with the underworld dates back to the 50’s. It is rumored that Karim Lala knew several Bollywood celebs. But it was underworld don – Haji Mastan who was openly seen hobnobbing with Bollywood celebs. He knew almost all the top Bollywood celebs. Dawood too used to throw parties where several Bollywood celebs seen attending his parties. Anil Kapoor & Mithun Chakraborty – both are rumored to have tried using Dawood’s help to lay claim to the no.1 spot after Amitabh’s career went downhill in the 90’s(click here to read more). Jackie Shroff too mentioned how Anil Kapoor, Govinda, Mithun routinely went to Dubai to meet Dawood & he too convinced himself to visit Dawood because of them.

Till 2002, banks were not lending money to film productions. This meant only the big producers had money to finance films. Apart from the top filmmakers, it was only the underworld who were financing movies. While being associated with Dawood was not looked down upon till the Bombay bomb blasts in 93′. It was only after 93′ that Anil Kapoor, Mithun, Govinda, etc washed their hands off Dawood Ibrahim. Till then they were sucking up with the person who signed on their hefty paycheques.

Money Bhai

Be it Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Anil Kapoor, Deepika Padukone – all are motivated by money. These A-list celebs won’t think twice before dancing at weddings for money despite being multi-millionaires. They go for events abroad which are often funded by people with connections with the underworld. But are the celebs aware of the underworld links of their business associates?

Among renowned Bollywood celebs, Mika Singh is the only one who has knowingly performed for Dawood Ibrahim’s family in Pakistan recently. It is rumored that Dawood’s family offered him an obscene amount to perform at that event. Mika put his monetary needs before standing by the families of army men who gave up their lives. Mika was penalized by a film body & he apologized later. But is his act pardonable?

While a part of me refuses to believe that these celebs were unaware about their friend’s underworld or ISI links another part of me believes that the celebs may have been ignorant. How are these celebs expected to know what their associates views on Kashmir or who their other friends are?

But like BJP’s spokesperson has said that henceforth the celebs can’t claim ignorance. Anybody who is seen with or has business links with these tainted people should be prosecuted.

What We Should Avoid

Many right-wingers are quick to give this issue a religious flavor & point their fingers at the entire Muslim community. As we have mentioned in the article – religion has nothing to do with it. Some of the most connected people – Sanjay Dutt, Mika Singh, Anil Kapoor etc are in fact not Muslims, but Hindus/Sikhs.

The crux of the issue is the celeb’s greed for money.

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