Mediawire: The New Age Digital Content Distribution Network

Mediawire: The New Age Digital Content Distribution Network

As the world adjusts to the new normal, nobody can deny the massive change the pandemic brought about in all industries. The virus also managed to turn the dynamics of ‘Content Distribution’ around. From paying little attention to the kind of content you market around your products or services to terming content imperative, it took us 50 years to reach the digital space.

However, once in the digital space, things began to move at lightning speed. Today the number of hours everyone spends online has gone up considerably as compared to the pre-pandemic days and brands are not only competing tooth and nail but are also spending humongous amounts to arrest consumers’ attention in the digital space. It doesn't stop there. Every brand is striving to be in the news so as to be seen on best of portals and grabbing whatever chance they can to make an impression on their respective target audience that is spending more and more time on digital platforms.

Mediawire - the Digital Content Distribution Network Platform of the Times Group, is a homegrown service that provides Content & Press Release dissemination solutions. The brand has a first mover’s advantage since it recognizes the need of the hour and keeps morphing and upgrading itself with the ever-evolving digital space.

Mediawire provides the best and latest solutions to distribute your content digitally in a strategic way so that it gets you the desired reach that you seek, using premium publisher platforms - including those under the Times Group umbrella as well innumerable partner publishers, that ensure you communication reaches the right audience.

While building Mediawire, we put ourselves in the shoes of the innumerable product or service providers and brands who needed to promote their respective brand, product or service and realized that the questions on top of everyone’s minds were:

  • I care about what word goes out about me and my product. Is there any platform that respects it and will carry my message without distorting it?
  • Am I investing in the right place?
  • How do I get through to multiple platforms that are leaders in their segments to improve my visibility?
  • I need to tailor my content according to the taste of my target audience, but I don’t know-how. Will someone be able to help me?
  • If I invest, do I get assurance that my content will be consumed?
  • Will my content be customized according to the web algorithms?
  • My content is specific to certain regions and aligns with specific behavioral traits. How do I target only that section without wasting my views on unnecessary eyeballs?

Will MEDIAWIRE be able to help me?

Mediawire is not only the answer to all the above questions, but it also has answers to questions you have not given a thought to yet. If you’re wondering how, read on…

Offers A Bouquet Of Choicest Premium Publisher Platforms

Mediawire can help you host your content on the choicest platforms, not just in-house Times Group platforms, but external ones too. You can choose from a plethora of over 80 publications that include premium news publications like The Times of India, The Hindustan Times, The Indian Express, etc.; news agencies like ANI, PTI, UNI, etc.; niche publications like The Economic Times, Live Mint, The Financial Express, Gadgets Now, Business Insider, etc.; and regional language publications like Navbharat Times, Maharashtra Times, Rajasthan Patrika, Dainik Bhaskar, Ei Shomay, Vijay Karnataka, etc. to host your content on.


Mediawire helps you makes customizable plans using platforms that suit your type and kind of content. Interesting discounts can be availed of in case of bulk deals so you can plan your Press Releases way in advance knowing your communication will reach the right audience throughout the year.

Added Benefits

The expertise Mediawire holds in SEO, Content (including vernacular), hosting multimedia articles is just the tip of the iceberg. Added benefits like guaranteed viewership, behaviorally and geographically targeted campaigns are just some things that not your PR agency is not capable of providing that too at the best rates.

  • Content Writing Services: If you do not have the expertise, a team of expert content writers at Mediawire can help you craft your communication so that it appeals to your audience
  • SEO Optimization: Every communication you distribute through Mediawire is combed through by a team of SEO experts who ensure that your article is SEO optimized
  • Specific Targeting: Mediawire can help you target your content either geographically or behaviorally
  • Rich Media Formats: You can release your articles in a rich media format, which include videos and social media embeds too. Alternatively, you can go a notch higher and release immersive articles through Mediawire too
  • Leverage your communication using partner platforms: You can give your communication the push it deserves by opting to leverage it using TOI social media platforms or M360 – TOI’s latest offering that will ensure your communication reaches even the remotest corner of India. M360 is a smart publisher platform through which you can create fascinating content for multiple platforms. M360 provides convenience by issuing all things under one login, contributing to less tags on the pages. Publishers thus secure a rapid and active web portals and applications. This comes with an authorization over content formulation, monetization, and other page content components.  
  • Content Translation Services: Mediawire can help translate your content based on your requirement and the platform you choose.
  • Guaranteed Views: Through Mediawire, you can ensure that your communication reaches the desired number of eyeballs.

In today’s age everybody is bombarded with content right from the moment they wake up to the moment they shut eye. It is important that your communication fascinates your target audience so that they willingly pay attention to what you have to say. Whatever vertical you descend from, Mediawire will make sure you can benefit from how it can strategize your content. Mediawire is the counsel that preps your content, grooms it up and helps you place it where it will not be missed by your target audience.

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