Runway 34 ending explained. what happens to pilot captain vikrant khanna?

Ajay Devgn's 'Runway 34' Takes a Turbulent Turn with an Arrogant Pilot's Risky Behavior
In the movie "Runway 34" starring Ajay Devgn, a pilot risks the lives of his passengers by making a blind landing. Captain Vikrant Khanna is a haughty individual with a haughty demeanour. His overconfidence was brought on by his photographic recall. On her birthday, Vikrant's daughter insisted that her father come back home, and he promised to do so. His friend called him when he was unwinding in his hotel room and invited him to a party. Vikrant was initially uninterested in it, but subsequently changed his mind and chose to participate. Vikrant and his pal had a late-night party. After a full day of rest, he had a flight to catch in the evening.Tanya Albuquerque was his first officer, whom he met. Despite her professional admiration for him, she also had to put up with his arrogant demeanour. They were on a Skyline Airways flight from Dubai to Cochin.

Even if "Runway 34" is agonisingly drawn out, Devgn's performance makes up for it. Even the death announcement is delivered without passion because the screenplay is written in a matter-of-fact manner. Arrogant males are no longer thought to be beautiful, yet the filmmakers of this movie still find them appealing. When the Captain starts a cigarette, a song introduces him as the dominant figure. These and other factors combine to make the Captain's persona nearly intolerable to witness.

Runway 34 What is the story about in the movie?

After yesterday night's celebrations, Captain Khanna was exhausted, so he put the plane on autopilot, took off, and fell asleep. Tanya was a little taken aback by his behaviour. When he first introduced her to the passengers, he made fun of her and then acted impolitely. A member of the cabin crew was asked to get the Captain a coffee. We could only see it from behind, but it appeared that he had added the necessary disprin to his drink. Tanya and he talked about how sometimes he loved his job and other times he despised it as he made his way back to his seat. The weather started acting up while they were 45 minutes from Cochin.

After recently losing his daughter, Mr. Tripathi, a worker at the air traffic control facility in Cochin, returned to his job. He was in charge of informing Skyline 777 of weather information. He warned them that due to heavy rains, visibility was poor in Cochin. The captain wanted to try landing as they were inside the Minima despite being advised to divert from Cochin. They gave up on landing after a few unsuccessful tries. They were advised by the ATC that they could safely land in Trivandrum after another flight had done so. Clear and safe conditions existed for landing.Tanya disagreed with the plan since she understood that if the weather was awful in Cochin, it might eventually be the same in Trivandrum. She thought Bengaluru would be a better choice because the risk of weather problems would be much reduced and they had enough gasoline to travel there. The Captain ignored her suggestion and requested that she research the weather in Trivandrum instead. Vikrant suggested that since a trip to Trivandrum would provide them with adequate fuel for another try, they make another attempt to land in Cochin. They twice tried to land on the runway at Cochin, but ultimately gave up and headed towards Trivandrum.

In the meantime, due to an impending cyclone and poor visibility, all flights to Trivandrum were being cancelled. Mr. Tripathi was asked to transmit the information but, due to a recent loss, he was having a panic attack. He was being carried out while holding the piece of paper that had the weather information. An aviation journalist on board the flight informed the other passengers that Bengaluru, not Trivandrum, was the alternate stop as the new route was announced to the passengers. Agitated passengers yelled at the pilot for an explanation. The Captain created the impression that he knew what he was doing and made his choice with the repercussions in mind.In particular, an old woman named Alma Asthana, he vowed to land everyone securely.

Warning: Huge Spoilers

The flight's captain's method of landing. Exactly Who Was Narayan Vedant?

After gaining the passengers' trust, Vikrant had to deal with the broader issue at hand. The Trivandrum ATC was at ease because they believed that no more flights would land nearby after they had transmitted the weather information. Nonetheless, they quickly became aware that Skyline 777 had entered the radius. Tanya got in touch with the ATC, who were shocked to find out that the pilot had not been told of the weather even after they had given the information to Cochin ATC. Notwithstanding their request, Skyline was unable to reach Bengaluru due to a lack of fuel. They could make one or two landing attempts with the limited gasoline they had. When they thought a crash was going to happen, the ATC called for ambulances and fire trucks.

They were directed to use runway 16 by the ATC. Captain Khanna attempted to land the plane, but he was unable to align it and felt that it would crash. command centre staged the the t the t the t the t the t the t the t the t the t the t the t the The ATC personnel were left perplexed and startled since, in their opinion, the pilot was taking a significant risk and making a horrible decision because doing so would cause the air pressure to impact the tail and cause the flight to deviate further from the runway. "May Day," the captain proclaimed, as he instructed the passengers to take position for impact. Vikrant took out a cigarette and held it to his lips. As he attempted to land the aircraft, he closed his eyes.With his eyes closed, he safely landed the aircraft and was able to apply the brakes at the end of the runway. He received support since he helped save 150 lives. The Directorate of Civil Aviation wanted to question Vikrant despite the media's praise for him. They interrogated him and Tanya, gathered any suspicious items they discovered on the aircraft, and scheduled a breathalyser test.

The Aviation Accident Investigation Bureau was led by Narayan Vedant. He had a reputation for uncovering the truth no matter how challenging it was. Even if minute facts escaped the attention of detectives, Narayan Vedant's eyes were impenetrable. Nishant Suri, the owner of Skyline Airways, was aware of the investigation when he heard that it would be challenging to establish his innocence. Vikrant was instructed not to respond to any queries by Nishant because he feared losing the value of his shares. His drug test results had remained unblemished, but they did not want him to cause any more trouble.

'Runway 34's' Finale Described: How Did Vikrant Get A Lessened Penalty? Does It Represent a Genuine Event?

Narayan Vedant called Vikrant and Tanya in for questioning, and they made an effort to give as little information as they could. But, Narayan was aware of his methods and convinced Vikrant to comply so that he could administer a lie detector test. He refused to acknowledge to being intoxicated, and the outcome proved that he was telling the truth even though Narayan questioned him about the toy gin bottle they discovered in the trash. Tanya started to cry as a result of the pressure Tanya was under from him because he was unable to gain much information from Vikrant. Vikrant had landed with his eyes closed, she acknowledged. This altered the case since it demonstrated how carelessly he handled his duties, endangering the lives of 150 passengers.He continued by saying that the air pressure on the plane's tail made the runway 34 landing a mistake.

Though his wife pushed him to stand up for himself, Vikrant had entirely given up on himself and his job. By confronting the news that was killing him, he could take the first step. Alma Asthana was rushed to the hospital once the plane touched down, but she passed away from a heart attack. Vikrant, who felt responsible for her passing, eventually mustered the fortitude to apologise to her daughter and explain that he had done his utmost to salvage the situation.

When Delilah Asthana, her daughter, appeared in court the following day to support him, he felt comfortable enough to defend himself. He added that when he operated a private aircraft, he frequently made runway 34 his home base. His thorough knowledge of the runway resulted. He possessed a photographic memory, which made it easier for him to arrive on August 17, 2015. Not because he had given up, but so that he could use his memory to recall the runway. He displayed his abilities in an engaging setting. Narayan was taken aback to observe the pilot doing all the necessary measures while his eyes were closed.The error that caused the mess ultimately resulted in Mr. Tripathi at ATC Cochin losing his job. The three-month suspension of Tanya and Vikrant's licences was imposed. Although the ATC and the weather were also to blame in addition to them, they were given a brief suspension.

Vikrant is back at the airport three months later and is prepared to take off. Vikrant advised the novice pilot to keep the passengers in mind when he was asked what to remember while flying. We also learn that the cabin staff member who emptied the little gin bottle did so out of concern for a plane disaster, and Vikrant protected her identity from the public. She was a single mother who was afraid to tell the truth for fear of losing her job. Vikrant was understanding of her predicament and handled the repercussions skillfully.

As he went into the bathroom, he smiled to himself while holding the cigarette between his lips. He had reverted to his former self, a prideful man. It is asserted that "Runway 34" is based on a real incident. It is based on an occurrence that occurred as a flight from Doha to Cochin was approaching. Poor weather and limited visibility caused the plane to crash land. A thorough inquiry revealed that the aircraft carried less fuel than was legally permitted. But recently, the Federation of Indian Pilots denied their assertion that the event actually took place. They claimed that the way in which pilots were portrayed was inaccurate and degrading. They feel that the movie in some manner casts doubt on their expertise. But it's clear that the movie used enough artistic licence to create Captain Vikrant Khanna, even though the actual event may have served as inspiration for the movie's plot.







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