Sherdil Ending Explained

"Sherdil": Uniting Talent and Storytelling Brilliance in the Hindi Film Industry


Enacting someone so dim-witted requires intelligence, and Pankaj Tripathi exemplifies genius. The recent episode of "Koffee with Karan" comes to mind, where Sonam Kapoor expressed that Bollywood has ceased taking risks. While we largely agree with her, we cautiously suggest that it might be the mainstream Bollywood actors who avoid risks. In contrast, the OTT space showcases a plethora of content from the Hindi film industry, featuring deserving actors who are not as busy as they should be. "Sherdil" serves as an exemplar of the outcome when talented actors unite with a compelling script, placing the story at the forefront of the project.

The movie revolves around Gangaram, a man who plans to stage his death by a tiger attack to enable his family and village to claim compensation through a government scheme. What makes this even more chilling is that Srijit Mukherji's film "Sherdil" is based on actual events. In 2017, police officials accused certain villagers of using elderly individuals as bait for tigers in order to claim compensation for their deaths. The villagers responded by asserting that the elders had willingly volunteered to participate, aiming to alleviate their families from poverty. These events are undeniably heart-wrenching. However, the creators of "Sherdil" opted for an approach that goes beyond evoking pity. Instead, it serves as a critique of the circumstances, highlighting the officials' complete apathy and the villagers' desperation, leading them to choose such a path. Let's explore what unfolds in the film.


Why Does Gangaram Go To The Jungle?

Gangaram ventures into the jungle in "Sherdil" for a specific reason. The film begins with Gangaram visiting a government office to inquire about the benefits of a particular scheme. This scene cleverly satirizes the government's tendency to introduce schemes as temporary solutions for the poor, rather than addressing their long-term needs.

Gangaram serves as the head (Sarpanch) of Jhundao, a village located near a forest. The village has been plagued by crop destruction caused by wild animals for some time. Gangaram visits the government office to explore the possibility of obtaining relief funds for the villagers. However, the unhelpful officer suggests that Gangaram apply for the "Prime Minister Relief Fund." When Gangaram seeks clarification, he realizes that the bureaucratic process will be lengthy and he lacks faith in its effectiveness. As he leaves the office disheartened, he notices a notice stating that if a person is killed by a tiger, their family will receive one million rupees as relief. This discovery triggers a thought process in Gangaram.

Upon returning home, Gangaram informs his wife that he has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and has only three months to live. The next day, he gathers the villagers and presents an idea that could potentially solve all their problems. Gangaram proposes that he venture into the forest and wait for a tiger to kill him. The villagers can then retrieve his body and place it in the fields, providing evidence of a tiger attack and enabling them to claim the one-million-rupee relief fund. Gangaram intends to sacrifice himself as a martyr for the betterment of his village. Although his wife vehemently opposes the plan, Gangaram convinces her by arguing that it is preferable to dying of cancer. Despite their horror at the idea, the villagers agree with Gangaram's plan, recognizing that it may be their only way out of their desperate situation.

Gangaram enters the jungle but faces difficulties in encountering a tiger. He experiences challenges such as rationing his food and the general hardships of living in the wild. One night, as he sleeps on a tree, Gangaram spots a leopard approaching him. Since he can only meet his fate at the paws of a tiger, he tries to escape but becomes ensnared in a trap set by a hunter. As the animal approaches, it is shot down by the hunter. This introduces Jim Ahmed, an illegal poacher operating in the forest. Jim aims to kill the tiger that Gangaram hopes will consume him.

They form an unlikely friendship and strike a mutual agreement to assist each other. While Jim's actions are illegal, Gangaram also deviates from conventional norms. Through their bond, Gangaram begins to question his long-held beliefs about humanity, animals, and nature. Together, they track down the tiger and find themselves in its territory, deciding to spend the night there. The next morning, as Gangaram searches for Jim, he comes face-to-face with the tiger. Believing he has found what he sought, Gangaram starts conversing with the tiger, requesting it to kill him. However, unbeknownst to Gangaram, Jim is hiding in the bushes, aiming to shoot the beast. At that moment, a bullet is fired from a police officer's gun, allowing the tiger to escape. Jim is shot while attempting to flee, and Gangaram is arrested on suspicion of being involved with the poacher. At this juncture, Gangaram not only loses a friend but also his only means of saving his village.

‘Sherdil’ Ending Explained: Does The Tiger Kill Gangaram?

In the ending of "Sherdil," Gangaram's story gains nationwide attention after he reveals the truth in court. The media covers his story extensively, leading to outrage over the circumstances that drove him to extreme measures. The news outlets and social media platforms cover the story, and there is a satirical portrayal of absurd news debates. Gangaram is acquitted by the court, and it can be assumed that Jhundao receives relief schemes as it gains national spotlight. Gangaram himself becomes a celebrity, obtaining brand endorsements and having his journey documented in a book.

As Gangaram is being escorted to retrace his jungle journey for a tourist attraction, he asks for a stop to relieve himself. In an unexpected twist, a tiger attacks and kills Gangaram just as the camera closes. Although Gangaram's desired outcome of receiving the million rupees from the scheme may not be realized, it is likely that the government and his newfound celebrity status will ensure the well-being of his village and family.

Final Thoughts: What Works For ‘Sherdil’?

In conclusion, "Sherdil" is a tightly written script, though not fast-paced. Sayani Gupta delivers a delightful performance, highlighting the underutilization of talented actors in Bollywood. While the court monologue may feel slightly out of place, it is forgivable. Pankaj Tripathi skillfully carries the film on his shoulders, and his interactions with his wife are memorable. The film succeeds in the dark comedy genre, providing a refreshing venture that revitalizes faith in such storytelling.

“Sherdil” is a 2022 Drama Thriller film directed by Srijit Mukherji.




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