Top 10 adult & hottest web series on alt balaji in 2023

Streamline your watchlist with these top 10 Hindi web series on Alt Balaji
Alt balaji

With an endless array of web series available online, it can be difficult to decide what to watch at any given time. Nobody wants to spend a significant part of their day deliberating over plot lines and reviews. That's why we've compiled a list of the top 10 most popular Hindi web series on Alt Balaji, so you can easily create a wish list of exciting and captivating shows to binge-watch.

1. Dev DD

The web series Dev DD is a contemporary adaptation of the well-known Bollywood movie Devdas. Directed by Ken Ghosh, the show features Asheema Vardaan and Akhil Kapur in the lead roles. Dev DD portrays the protagonist as a liberated woman who does not believe in conforming to societal norms of marriage. The series delves into sensitive topics such as sexism and feminism, which are not commonly addressed in Indian culture. It comprises 11 episodes, each with an average duration of 20 minutes and has a rating of 6.5 on IMDB.


2. Ragini MMS Returns

The ALTBalaji web series, which features the character of Ragini, draws inspiration from the film Ragini MMS Returns, albeit with fresh and spine-chilling elements. The series presents a detailed and unhurried take on the horror genre, with the same lead character as the movie. One of the show's standout features is its catchy soundtrack, particularly the song 'Hello Ji' sung by Kanika Kapoor, which became an online sensation. The music video also features the popular actress and model Sunny Leone.


3. Crime and Confession

AltBalaji has been establishing its position in the psychological thriller genre with shows such as The Married Woman, His Story, and Mai Hero Boll Raha Hu. Crimes and Confessions, their latest release, delves into the darker and more twisted aspects of human nature. The OTT platform now offers Cartel, which also explores power dynamics.


4. XXX Uncensored

On the OTT platform, there is another erotic-themed web series from ALTBalaji that includes some entertainment. The show called "The XXX Season" comprises 11 episodes over two seasons and features Flora Saini, Shantanu Maheshwari, Aadar Malik, Sanket Bhosale, Pratima Kazmi, Rithvik Dhanjani, and Ribbhu Mehra. The series is directed by Ken Ghosh and Pankhuri Rodrigues.


5.Gandii Baat

Gandii Baat is a web series that presents rural stories with a twist set in the city, focusing on erotic content. The show comprises four seasons, each with 4-5 episodes, all directed by Sachin Mohite. Its release in India caused controversy due to its adult themes, featuring prominent actors such as Anant Joshi, Neetha Shetty, Yamini Singh, Aditya Singh Rajput, Garima Jain, and Mridula Mahajan. Despite its explicit content, the series also sheds light on taboo subjects in society. It has gained popularity as one of the hottest and most well-liked Hindi web series on Alt Balaji.


6. Bekaboo

Who doesn't love watching a thrilling TV series featuring a passionate female lead? Bekaaboo is just that - an adaptation of Novoneel Chakraborty's novel 'Black Suits You' that will take you on a suspenseful journey revolving around a fan's dangerous obsession. With an impressive 8.2 rating on IMDB, this erotic thriller stars Priya Banerjee, Rajeev Siddhartha, and Madhu Sneha. Brace yourself for some surprising plot twists and give this web series a watch!


7. Virgin Bhaskar

Do you ever contemplate about the thoughts that run through the minds of adult authors? Meet Virgin Bhasskar, an adult book author who lacks real-life experience, featuring Anant Joshi, who played Gandii Baat, and Rutpanna Aishwarya in the web series. The show revolves around a peculiar adult novelist named Bhasskar, residing in Banaras, who has amassed a devoted fanbase through his explicit content but yearns to lose his virginity. Directed by Sangieta Rao, the show is a comedy-drama that should be on your watchlist!


8. Who's your Daddy

Rahul Dev and Harsh Beniwal are the lead actors in the comedy-drama series "Who's Your Daddy." The amusing scenes featuring Harsh Beniwal's character, Soggy, provide constant entertainment for the audience. Soggy's involvement in a DVD rental business that caters to women with adult films sets the storyline in motion, resulting in intriguing events in his personal life.


9. Baby come naa

The 2018 Hindi web comedy series Baby Come Naa was produced by Paritosh Painter for ALTBalaji, Ekta Kapoor's video-on-demand platform. Shreyas Talpade stars as the lead character, Aditya, who, aided by his aspiring rapper friend Yo-Yo, finds himself juggling two relationships with women named Sophie and Sarah, both of whom believe they are his wife. As visitors connected to each of these women arrive, Aditya's "arrangement" descends into a hilarious spectacle of chaos.


10.Love,Scandal and Doctor

Love, Scandal, and Doctors is a movie that depicts the tale of five medical interns entangled in a scandal and being the prime suspects in a murder case. It is uncertain if these students are capable of committing such a heinous act or if someone is deliberately framing them.


Alt Balaji, which offers a diverse selection of web series across various genres, is presently the most sought-after OTT platform. For those weary of mundane soap operas, the top 10 Hindi web series on Alt Balaji are certain to rejuvenate your viewing experience.




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